1963 Fleer: Complete Mets Team Set

It may be a very small vintage team set, but it’s still a completed team set.

I recently completed this set when I acquired this card at a show:
1963 Fleer Al Jackson
FWIW, it’s not miscut, it’s mis-scanned.

I’m guessing that this photo was taken at the Polo Grounds, which had been the Giants’ home field before they moved to San Francisco, and was the Mets’ home field until Shea Stadium was finished.  Al Jackson was one of the Mets’ best pitchers at the time, and on 4/29/62 he pitched the first shutout in Mets history, a 8-0 whitewashing of the Phillies.  He lost 20 games twice, but you have to be a good pitcher for them to keep putting you out there enough to lose 20 games.  He was also the only alumnus of Wiley College to play in the Majors.

1962 Fleer Rod Kanehl

“Hot Rod” Kanehl’s entire 3-year career came with the Mets.  He was a fan-favorite of those early days, played 7 different positions and had a less-than-stellar career .277 OBP.  On a more positive note, he hit the first grand slam in Mets history.

1962 Fleer Roger Craig

Sorry about the scans… My scanner clearly does not like 1963 Fleer.

Roger Craig should be familiar to most of you, if only for his time managing the Padres and Giants.  During his playing career, he pitched in 4 different World Series, lead the NL in shutouts in 1959 and lost 20 games twice with the Mets.

1963 Fleer has really been growing on me lately.  I recently picked up a few other cards from this 66-card set, and I’ll share those another time.


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