Pack Animal! – 2004 BBM Chiba Lotte Marines

I got this pack at the National in Baltimore… I think it was the 2012 National, but as disorganized as I have been, I can’t swear it wasn’t the 2010 National.  I bought this pack thinking that maybe I’d get a former Met like Benny Agbayani, Matt Franco or even Bobby Valentine.

Agbayani was a favorite of mine, getting one of his cards in this pack would save me from having to hunt one down.

2004 BBM Marines Wrapper Front
I’m sure that any Red Sox fans who may be reading this are hissing like the “Bride Of Frankenstein” at the image of Bobby V.

Here’s the back of the wrapper… I’m of no help in translating; I don’t read Kanji and the only Japanese I know off the top of my head are “Gaijin”, “Dentaku” and “Domo Arigato”… the latter two come courtesy of songs by Kraftwerk and Styx.
2004 BBM Marines wrapper back

Soichi Fujita appears to have been a reliever but not a closer… In 2004 he had 62 appearances but had no saves and a 1-1 record.
2004 BBM Marines Soichi Fujita
Incidentally, any stats I recite here are from

Here’s the back of Fujita’s card.
2004 BBM Marines Soichi Fujita back
Mostly Kanji… Not even an amusingly out of context “Did you know?” line.

This card is from what appears to be a subset called “Soul Of Marines”.  Kiyoshi Hatsushiba played 17 years in NPB, all with the Marines, so I guess he would fit into just such a subset.
2004 BBM Marines SOM Hatsushiba

This is kind of an odd photo for a pitcher, but Yoshihide Kanda is a reliever who made 16 appearances in 2004.
2004 BBM Marines Yoshihide Kanda

Another subset, this one called “Once Upon A Time” for reasons I can only guess at. Kenji Morozumi is another career Marine, playing 13 seasons for the team. He went to Hosei University, which is one of the top Japanese universities in terms of baseball… and in terms of many other things, I’m sure.
2004 BBM Marines OUAT Morozumi

Here’s the back of that card.
2004 BBM Marines Morozumi  back

Satoru Komiyama went to Waseda University (another Big 6 school) and was a starting pitcher for the Marines… How about that, they did have some starters on their roster!
2004 BBM Marines Satoru Komiyama

I was hoping for a former Met in my pack, but I wasn’t expecting Komiyama; he pitched for the Mets in 2002 and struggled during his time in the Mets bullpen. Komiyama appeared on a few cards in 2002, but I was surprised to find I don’t have any in my collection so I’ll have to rely on the good people at COMC for an image…
2002 Diamond Kings #152 - Satoru Komiyama RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of

2002 Diamond Kings #152 – Satoru Komiyama RC (Rookie Card) – Courtesy of

…and we’ll close things out with another “Once Upon A Time” card, this for Hatsushiba
2004 BBM Marines OUAT Hatsushiba

So at least I did get a former Met, even if it wasn’t one I was expecting.

I’ve got more unopened Japanese packs, and I’ll try to get more out here a bit more frequently than I have been.


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