It’s Your Thing, Do What You Wanna Do. I Can’t Tell You Who To Sock It To

If there’s any phrase from the 1960’s that needs to be revived, it’s “Sock it to me!”

That thought has nothing to do with anything… and neither do these cards.

During recent organizing activities I ran across this Doug Flutie card. I’ve been a fan of Flutie since his days at Boston College and his famous “Hail Mary” pass against Miami. I’d never been a fan of college football, but that play caught my attention… “Dude is my size, and he’s a quarterback! You go, dude!”
1990 Score Footbal Doug Flutie
This might be the only Flutie I own. I should start a Flutie collection.

Sometimes 1993 Upper Deck amazes me. I’d never thought much of Upper Deck before this set, and nothing they came out afterwards could match the majesty that is 93UD.
1993 Upper Deck Darryl Strawberry

I got this card in the Topps Diamond Giveaway promotion. It’s not a card I was looking to get, but it’s a vintage card that more or less fell in my lap, and that’s good enough for me.
1967 Topps John Kennedy
I only just realized that this post has two Dodgers in it. You’re welcome, Dodger fans.

This is another card I ran into while organizing. When this card got lost in the shuffle, it was just a common of some Indians pitching prospect. Now it’s a card of a player I got to like quite a lot during his time with the Orioles. Jeremy seems like a good guy, I’m glad he’s doing OK with the Royals.
2004 Fleer Showcase Jeremy Guthrie

Sock it to me, baby!


9 thoughts on “It’s Your Thing, Do What You Wanna Do. I Can’t Tell You Who To Sock It To

  1. I got to see Flutie live a couple of times when he was an Argo. He was unreal.

    Then he went to Buffalo and they wanted to pretend he was 6’4″ and could stand in pocket. It was absurd.

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