1976 SSPC #217 – Tony Oliva (Twins)

1976 SSPC #217 Tony Oliva

Tony Oliva… Was the 1964 AL Rookie Of The Year, and in his first full season he lead the league in batting average, hits, runs and doubles, made the All-Star team and finished 4th in MVP voting. He made 8 straight All-Star teams, won a Gold Glove, lead the league in hits, doubles and batting average on several occasions and played all of his 15 seasons with the Twins.  His #6 has been retired by the Twins.

In 1976, Tony Oliva… was a coach/DH who had only 128 plate appearances and a .211 average;  he retired after the season.

I can’t help but wonder… who the people are in the stands behind Tony.

Betcha didn’t know… Oliva appeared on a card as the AL Batting Leader before he appeared on a card by himself.  In 1963 and 1964, he appeared on “Rookie Stars” cards with other players.  In 1965, the Batting Leaders card was #1 in the set, but his ‘regular’ card (#340) didn’t appear until the 4th series.

SSPC vs. Topps: Both cards are portraits, but this card gets the edge because his Topps card shows  his face partially covered by shadow.

1976 SSPC #217 Tony Oliva back
A note about the card back: Tony Oliva did not get his 2,000th hit in 1976; he only got 26 hits that year and retired with 1,917.


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