Calling All Blogrolls… Come In, Blogrolls…

I’ve been posting every day this week, including one from earlier this morning, but for some reason Monday’s post on 1981 Fleer is that most recent post which shows up on several blogrolls that I’ve checked.

I’m posting this to see if it’s something to do with posting something which had been a draft, rather than a freshly-minted, completely new, never-been-a-draft post like this one.

Update:  I get the impression that I am not alone in experiencing flaky blogroll behavior.  If anybody else is having issues,  please leave a comment so I don’t feel so alienated and persecuted.


6 thoughts on “Calling All Blogrolls… Come In, Blogrolls…

  1. “Breaking Down 1972 Topps By Team”, ““Hot Stove” Custom Of The Week: Nats Manager Matt Williams”, “MLB 2 WIDE $3.99” and this post all just showed up an hour ago.

  2. I have noticed oddities with this for a long time now. I’ve tried something that seems to work well. After I post, I go back and edit the post, change the post time to a more recent time, even just bumping it up by 1 min say, then hit post again. Seems to bump me right to the top of blogrolls about every time. Try it out next time, I’d be interested to hear if it helped…

    • Thanks for the suggestion, but I actually did try that on this morning’s first post… I thought maybe the posting time didn’t “register” correctly, so I manually modified the time and updated the post, but nothing changed. That’s when I wrote this post.

      It’s apparently sorted itself out now… I don’t know if WordPress is sending out the wrong feeds, or if Blogger isn’t handling the data correctly or what… but hopefully that’s the end of that.

  3. I had an issue earlier this week… where one of my posts didn’t show up on blogrolls for several (6 to 10 hours later). It was the first time I wrote two posts in a single day, so I chalked it up to that.

    • Thanks for the info… That might just be coincidence, but you never know with these damn computers (says the IT guy).

      Meanwhile, this morning’s new post seems to be ignored by the blogrolls I’ve checked. (*SIGH*)

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