MLB 2 WIDE $3.99

That’s the way a 100-card repack shows up on my Target receipt.  For some reason, I keep buying these things, even though I only end up keeping 10-or-so cards out of each one.  What can I say, they can be fun even if the payout’s not there… and I don’t drink, smoke or play the lottery, so in theory I’ve got cash that needs to be blown on some vice, right?

I nearly fell out of my chair because with most repacks I’ll get a stack of junk wax cards which all end up in the recycling because I don’t get any that I need.  This time, I actually NEEDED this 1987 Topps card of Paul Assenmacher.

1987 Topps Paul Assenmacher

It might not be the most exciting card around, but you must look at it.  Look at it!  LOOK AT MY ASSENMACHER! Sieht aus meiner Assenmacher!!!!

Thank you.

1987 Topps:  1 down, 47 to go.

I got this fairly interesting minor league card of recent Oriole Wilson Betemit.

2001 Just Top Prospect Promo Wilson Betemit

He used to be a big prospect, but with the Orioles this year he got DFA’ed before the season even ended.

I was also surprised that I needed this 1990 Doc Gooden:

1990 Topps Doc Gooden

How does a Mets fan go 23 years without a major base card of Dr. K?  Don’t answer that.  1 down, 81 to go for that set.

Here’s a lovely Bobby Bonilla from the 1990 US Playing Cards “Baseball Major League All-Stars” deck.

1990 US Playing Cards Bobby Bonilla

I can’t help but wonder if all of the Jacks in the deck were guys with power… because, you know, they jack the ball out of the park?  Am I reaching?  Probably.

This 2002 Topps Gallery Piazza was on the outside; this card talked me into buying the repack in the first place… Oh, like I needed a whole lot of persuasion.
2002 Topps Gallery Mike Piazza


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