1976 SSPC #263 – Mike Hargrove (Rangers)

1976 SSPC #263 Mike Hargrove

Mike Hargrove… was the 1974 AL Rookie Of The Year, was an All-Star in 1975 and played 12 seasons with the Rangers and Indians, as well as half a season with the Padres.

He also managed the Indians, Mariners and Orioles;  with Hargrove at the helm,  the Tribe won 5 straight Central Division titles and made it to two World Series (losing to the Braves in 1995 and the Marlins in 1997).

‘Round here, folks call me:  The Human Rain Delay.

If you want to know why he’s called that, watch this video.

He did this kind of stuff before every pitch.  Drove a lot of people crazy.

In 1976, Mike Hargrove… was the starting first baseman for the Rangers and lead the league in walks.  His on-base percentage (.397) was second in the AL only to Hal McRae (.407).

Betcha didn’t know… His first name is actually Dudley.

Fun Fact from Hargrove’s 1977 Topps Card… As they put it, he was “born to be a Ranger”.  Aside from the Texas Rangers and minor league Gastonia Rangers, his high school team was the Perryton H.S. Rangers, his college team was the Northwestern Oklahoma State University Rangers and his American Legion club was the Rangers.  The Topps card says his 1972 team was the Geneva Rangers, but baseball-reference.com says they were the Geneva Senators, so I’ll leave that to you to figure out.

1976 SSPC #263 Mike Hargrove back

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