Let’s Go Mets! F-A-N! (doo doo doo!)

While digging through “The Vault” (a.k.a. my box of assorted bits of stuff), I found a couple of New York Mets/WFAN bumper stickers from the late 1980’s.

WFAN 66 Bumper Sticker

For those of you who haven’t heard the wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from New York (and many miles around), the Mets recently lost their flagship radio station of the past 27 years.  WFAN kicked the Mets to the side of the road and hooked up with the [pause to spit on the ground] Yankees.  The Mets later signed a deal with WOR, another high-powered NY radio station.

For those of us who are out of town and like to listen to Mets games after dark when AM signals travel farther, this change might affect anyone who has a local station at the 710 frequency but not at the 660 frequency.

I suppose there are also out-of-town Yankee fans who get their old 880 (WCBS) better than 660, and for them I say “Serves you right”.

Naaaaaah, I’m  just kidding, Yankee fans.  If you’re going to listen to John Sterling call a Yankee game, then you’ve already suffered enough.

Getting back to the bumper stickers, I also have a bumper sticker from the station’s first year of existence, when they were on 1050 AM. According to Wikipedia, that fell from July, 1987 to October, 1988 when the station moved to 660 AM, replacing WNBC.

WFAN 1050 Bumper Sticker

660 switching from WNBC to WFAN was a biiiiig deal.  WNBC had been around for over 60 years, and had been the flagship station of the NBC radio network.  I remember listening to the transition from one station to the other;  it was really quite sad when the played the NBC chimes for the last time.

…Just as I’m sure it’s sad for the Mets fans who listen to WFAN on a daily basis.  This may be for the better, at least for the short term… I get the impression that Mets fans get too wrapped up with what the local media is saying, I think it would do everybody some good to go underneath the radar for a while.

Here are the backs of the stickers… The 1050 sticker has a coupon for Jan & Craig’s Window Factory…

WFAN 1050 Bumper Sticker Back

From several failed Google searches, I’m guessing that Jan & Craig are no longer in the window business.

I actually have two of the 66AM stickers, each with a different backing.  One has a contest form…

WFAN 66 Bumper Sticker back

…and the other has a 1989 Mets schedule.

WFAN Bumper Sticker 1989 Mets Schedule back

Take heart, Mets fans.  You survived the switch of TV stations from WWOR to WPIX – which still weirds the living crap out of me – and you’ll survive this.


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