Oddball Set Du Jour: 1993 Stadium Club Team Marlins

Yesterday I featured the “Team Rockies” version of 1993 Stadium Club… Today, I’m going to feature some cards from “Team Marlins”.

One thing that strikes me about both teams, 20 years later, is that they had some talent.  They weren’t good teams, but they had some decent players… more so than previous expansion teams, I think.

One thing that was in play for these teams more than their predecessors was free agency.  For example, Benito Santiago signed with the Marlins as a free agent, rather than through the expansion draft or trades.

1993 Stadium Club Team Marlins Benny Santiago

I know I’ve said it  before, but the thing that always gets me about the early Marlins uniforms was the sheer amounts of teal.  I don’t have a problem with teal, and it certainly gave the team a distinctive look, but those hats and helmets that were solid teal were just tooooooooo much.  They also had teal caps with black bills, which at least took the edge off.  Going with solid black caps later on was too far the other way;  I would’ve liked to have seen black caps with a teal bill, but they never tried that.

Charlie Hough was 45 in 1993, but he also was a knuckleballer, so he gave them some innings and pitched pretty well.  Hough finished out his career with two seasons in Miami.

1993 Stadium Club Team Marlins Charlie Hough

Like Brad Ausmus, who I mentioned yesterday, Trevor Hoffman was traded to the Padres halfway through the 1993 season.  Unlike Ausmus, Hoffman played for his parent club, getting in 28 relief appearances in before being traded as part of a package for Gary Sheffield.

1993 Stadium Club Team Marlins Trevor Hoffman

Yesterday I featured several 1993 Rockies who later got managing jobs in the Majors.  Today, I’m featuring a 1993 Marlin who much later got a job managing those Rockies…

1993 Stadium Club Team Marlins Walt Weiss

…Unllike yesterday’s future managers, Weiss wasn’t a catcher.  Weiss spent one year in teal after having been traded by the A’s to Florida for a couple of prospects who didn’t pan out.  He became a free agent after the season was over and signed with the Rockies.

These 30-card Stadium Club team sets were sold at Wal-Mart stores.  According to my 2008 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards, other teams which got these sets were the Braves, Cubs, Angels, White Sox, Astros, Royals, Dodgers, Yankees, A’s, Phillies, Cardinals, Giants, Mariners and Rangers.


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