Shea Stadium: Where The Action Is!!!!!!

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, many of the “In Action” photos from 1972 Topps were taken at Shea Stadium. Here are a number of examples from my collection…

I feel like I should know who this Met is trying to get past Bob Robertson… but I don’t.  Any suggestions?
1972 Topps Bob Robertson

Hank Aaron does a home run trot at Shea… the sign behind Aaron says “Plymouth:  Official Car Of The Mets”.  Both Shea and Plymouth are gone now, for whatever that’s worth.
1972 Topps Hank Aaron IA

Maury Wills waits for a pitch;  the catcher (#10) is Duffy Dyer.
1972 Topps Maury Wills

Trust me;  the brick wall behind Steve Renko is undeniably Shea.
1972 Topps Steve Renko

At first I thought this next card had too little background to determine where the action took place, but then I noticed the Mets helmet at the very bottom…
1972 Topps Tom Haller IA

Aside from the concrete dugouts, you know it’s Shea from the blurry Mets in the background.
1972 Topps Willie Stargell



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