Yeah, They Were All Yellow…

I was just looking at a folder of scans from the last show I went to, and while looking at the cards laid out in front of me, I realized – Hey, I bought a lot of yellow cards.

…and then I said “What the heck, I’ve had worse ideas for a post”.

So here they are, the recently-acquired, very yellow, new additions to my collection.

I grew up a Mets fan and through Mrs. Shlabotnik I also became an Orioles fan.  Since I didn’t grow up following the O’s, I had a lot of catching up to do on team history.  In reading about the Orioles from the 1950’s, I was struck by a pair of players I’ve come to think of as “The Two Bobs”.  Bob Boyd and Bob Nieman were often among the team batting leaders in the late 1950’s, but I had never heard of either of them.  Boyd, who’s hitting got him the nickname of “Rope”, hit over .300 in 4 of his 5 seasons with the Orioles.
1959 Topps Bob Boyd

I’ve always been fascinated by cards of players who I knew better as managers, coaches or announcers.  I’m old enough to remember the last few years of Tim McCarver’s career, but I still find it a bit odd to see cards of this young Cardinals catcher.
1966 Topps Tim McCarver

Sometime earlier this year I came to the realization that in all my years of collecting, I’d never managed to acquire a card from 1954 Topps.  Just one of those things, I guess .  This is one of two cards I recently bought to remedy that situation.
1954 Topps Wes Westrum
Wes Westrum was the Mets’ second manager, which explains why I bought this particular card.

I don’t think I need to explain buying a Don Mossi card.
1955 Topps Don Mossi
…I’ll admit, I do sometimes feel guilty for singling out Don Mossi for his distinctive features.

Joe Pignatano was the Mets bullpen coach from 1968 to 1981, and what I always remember about him are the tomato plants he maintained in the Shea Stadium bullpen.
1958 Topps Joe Pignatano

I always have trouble bringing posts to a satisfying conclusion – maybe it comes from growing up watching Monty Python sketches which often ended abruptly and without a punchline – so I’m going to close this post by listing a few favorite songs with “yellow” in the title… and true confessions time, I don’t actually care for the Coldplay song I quoted in the subject line.

“Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, Elton John
“Yellow Submarine”, The Beatles
“Mellow Yellow”, Donovan
“Don’t Eat That Yellow Snow”, Frank Zappa
“Yellow Flower”, The Good Rats

What are your favorite yellow cards, songs, foods or other random yellow objects?


2 thoughts on “Yeah, They Were All Yellow…

  1. Don’t feel bad about Mossi, we all have a few (for the same reason). At least he’s remembered. He did have a good career, 101-80, 50 saves, over 12 seasons. He’d be making a fortune today. Gotta go with Elton John then Donovan for my yellow favorites. I’d throw in Big Yellow Taxi. by Joni Mitchell:

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