“Hot Stove” Custom – Royals Unveil New Road Alts

2013-14 TSR Hot Stove #7 - Eric Hosmer
Going into this offseason, I was pretty sure that no teams would be doing a wholesale uniform change like we had with the Astros a year ago.  Even with the lack of complete visual overhauls, some tweaks and alternate uniforms are starting to see the light of day.   This jersey is a new alternate the Royals will be wearing on the road.  I don’t think you can see it on my custom, but there’s both powder blue and white piping on the jersey.

The only negative thing I can say about this alt is that the Royals have joined a growing trend of having at least one jersey with placket piping – the piping that goes around the collar and down the front.  I’m a little too bleary of brain to come up with a definitive list of who has it on a home, road or alternate with placket piping, and who does not, but the “haves” (Red Sox, Braves, Nationals, Tigers, Astros, Rays, and Mariners are among the obvious ones) definitely outnumber the “have nots” (Trickier to define because a lot of alts have it).  It’s a good and traditional look, but I’m worried that it’s becoming overdone.

Getting back to the Royals, one of the things about them that I’ve grown to appreciate over the years is their uniforms.  They went with a classic design from the start, and they’ve stuck with it since 1969 with only minor changes here and there.

There’s a lot to be said for that… of the 14 teams that started off as expansion teams, only 3 have maintained the same essential “branding” throughout their existence:  The Mets (if you’ll forgive the “racing stripes” of the 1980’s and the altered Mets script in the 1990’s), the Royals and the Rockies.

A couple of notes about the custom

Unlike my previous customs this offseason, Eric Hosmer was not photoshopped.  All I did to the original image was to separate him from the grey background and superimpose him on a background of the White Sox ballpark (which has a sponsored name I’m not remembering and don’t care to look up).

“Chicago?” you say, “Why not Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City?”

I almost did look for a background image of Kauffman, until I remembered that this is a road jersey, so it needed a road background.  Of the backgrounds I have in my inventory, Chicago worked best.

Other than that, the only thing I had to do on this card was modify a Royals logo.  I changed the yellow & blue to make them more basic and Topps-like, and I added the black border to set it off from the colored stripes behind it.

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