Still Recovering From The Past Week

I’m as close to being “carded out” as I’ll ever be.

I’ve spent much of the last week signed on to COMC – pricing the 500 cards I just sent in, setting up the Black Friday promotion, shopping for cards to buy, handling offers, making offers… you get the idea.

By the way, the images here are not cards I just bought on COMC, but are similar to cards I did buy. I got some 1977 O-Pee-Chee baseball cards similar to this Ken Griffey…
1977 OPC Ken Griffey
…like the other OPC’s I bought, this Griffey uses a different photo than it’s Topps counterpart. The Topps card has a candid photo of Griffey with a bat, but his face is covered in shadow.

I spent a lot of time shopping, because I shopped in a large number of ways… Trying to complete sets, trying to complete Mets team sets, shopping from vintage sets I’m not working on completing but still like, looking for unusual cards of players I collect, looking for players to fill gaps in my “current 40 man roster” binders…

…and, of course, looking for my own copies of the awesome cards I see in everybody else’s blogs.

This is not one of those cards, that would take effort and like I said, I’m a bit burnt out.
1963 Topps Cliff Cook

BTW, the COMC promotion continues until the end of today. Check out my stuff here.

So the whole point of this is that I’ve spent most of the past 7 days sitting in front of my laptop, looking at images of cards… So forgive me if I don’t feel much like writing about cards today.

1979 Topps Andre Dawson

So have a good Cyber Monday, as well as “Last day to tender contracts to artibration-eligible players” day.

I’ll be back tomorrow with… something.

In the meantime, celebrate Britney Spears’ birthday by listening to the most incredibly awesome cover of a Britney song ever done by five guys singing  a-capella in German.

Update on 12/28/13:  Due to ongoing technical problems, I’m removing all recent embedded videos.  You can see the band Wise Guys performing “Baby, Noch Einmal (Baby, One More Time)” here.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

You’re welcome.


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