Another Low-Tech Custom I Made “Back In The Day”

1975 Topps Jerry Moses CustomI found this little beauty in a shoebox filled with crap like an old video store ID card and a Playboy wall calendar from the early 1980’s (Psst… Don’t tell my wife!)

On April 28, 1975, Jerry Moses was sold by the Mets to the Padres. In case you were wondering why the Mets were involved when the photo shows him in a Tigers uniform, he was sold by the Tigers to the Mets on 1/30/75. As if that weren’t enough, the Padres would later sell him to the White Sox that July.

…But anyway, sometime between transactions I made this custom.  You see those lines around the edges of the yellow part of the card?  Those are staples.  I cut the yellow header off a Padres card — I want to say it was Chris Cannizzaro — and stapled it to this Jerry Moses card.

The funny thing is that Moses didn’t appear in a game with the Mets, he appeared in five games with the Padres and just one with the White Sox.  After that, his career was over.

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