Maybe If I Buy Enough Repacks…

…I’ll complete every Topps, Donruss, Score and Fleer set from 1986 to 1991.

I don’t buy repacks for the junk wax, and I really wouldn’t want to complete 1989 Fleer… but as long as I’m swimming in junk wax, I enjoy finding out which ones actually fill a need.

Even if they don’t fill a need, they serve an indirect purpose in that any junk wax cards which come my way and are not needed get put out of everybody’s misery… into the recycling bin they go, never to be repacked again.

Here’s a rundown of the recent repack progress I’ve made…

1986 Topps

1986 Topps Al Nipper
1 down, 9 to go. I should really try to finish this set off, once and for all…

1987 Topps

1987 Topps Don Mattingly
1 down, 44 to go. I get so many of these cards in repacks, and I’ve got an unopened cello pack sitting on a table in the other room… I wonder if I can complete this set without really trying?

1990 Topps

1990 Topps Bob Rodgers
1 down, 78 to go. Yeah, I’ve got a bit further to go for this one, but it’s not a set which has aged well so I’m in no rush.

These days, the typical reason for me buying a repack is because I’m having a less-than-fun day at work, so I run out during lunch to distract myself with $4 of entertainment. It’s gotten to the point where I even keep a cheap pair of scissors in my card just so I can extract the cards from that hard plastic case. I used to use the knife part of a multifunction tool I keep in the glove box, but after I almost impaled my thumb I decided that I’d just keep my utility scissors in my car instead of in my rarely-used toolbox.

Although I’m not keeping track in the same way, I’m also making tremendous progress on my “All-Star Glossies” sets.

1988 Topps All-Star Glossy Dave Winfield

Thanks to those commercials where Kerry Wood pulls random items out of the Wrigley Field ivy, including Andre Dawson, I can’t look at a card like this without imagining The Hawk asking “What year is it?”
1991 Topps All-Star Glossy Andre Dawson

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