“Hot Stove” Custom – Mets Sign Curtis Granderson

2013-14 TSR Hot Stove #10 - Curtis Granderson

Realistic expectations about the newest Met, Curtis Granderson:

  • He is not going to single-handedly make the Mets a contending team.
  • His power-related numbers will drop because of Citi Field.
  • There’s a decent chance that he will not be “worth” the amount of money he’s going to receive.

Modest hopes for Curtis Granderson:

  • I hope that he will make the Mets more fun to watch… bearing in mind that “more fun” is relative.
  • I hope that he will NOT be another in a long line of disappointing big-name acquisitions in Mets history.
  • I hope that he will truly understand that he’s not going to put up “Yankee Stadium numbers” while playing at Citi Field.
  • I hope that this signing will get some of the more — *ahem* — vocal Mets fans to give it a rest, even if just for a little while.  Aaaaaaaaah, who am I kidding?  There’s no pleasing some people.

About this custom…

It came out OK, but it’s not quite what I set out to do.  Let’s just say that pinstripes are a pain to work with, and the next Mets custom you see will likely feature an alternate or road jersey.

But at least I can be smug that, unlike the NY Daily News, I did not give Granderson a retired uniform number or the 2012 “50th Anniversary” sleeve patch that he’ll never wear.

Oh, and for those of you who might be new to this blog, this is another in a series custom cards reflecting off-season changes.  The card’s design is based on the 1959 Bazooka set.

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