Black Friday: Bob And The Red Men

When COMC had it’s Black Friday promotion, I bought somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 cards.  I’ve shown a few cards here and there over the past few days, but this is the official kickoff of this particular round of “show and tell”.

I’ll start off the festivities with a trio of oversized cards, two of which feature Hall-of-Famers.

First off, we have a beeeeee-yoootiful 1955 Red Man Henry Thompson card.

1955 Red Man Hank Thompson

This card is in quite nice shape for a 58-year old card;  there’s a pinhole up in the corner of the box, the corners are slightly dinged, and the tab is missing from the bottom, but I don’t care about any of this.  I just see an awesome addition to my collection.

Slightly older and in worse shape is this Ralph Kiner:

1953 Red Man Ralph Kiner

Yeah, the cards a little rougher, but he’s also a HOFer so you’ve got to have some give and take here.    As you can see, someone “updated” the card with a ball point pen.  What you can’t see is that some of the back has been torn away; it looks like this may have been pasted into someone’s album.  The actual artwork remains unblemished, which makes it more than nice enough for me.

Ralph Kiner went to the Cubs in a mid-season trade that involved 10 players and $150,000.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Inflation Calculator, that’s equivalent to $1.3M in today’s dollars.  That’s a hell of a deal.

Moving forward to the 1960’s, we have another Hall-Of-Famer;  an affordable copy of this card has eluded me for years…

1964 Topps Giants  Bob Clemente

Yes indeed, it’s “Bob” Clemente.  It seems ridiculous now to think that “Roberto” was too exotic for the youth of America to process, but apparently it was.  You could make a good drinking game out of the number of times “Bob” is used on the back of the card.
1964 Topps Giants Bob Clemente back

Now that I’ve got “Bob”, I need just 7 SP’s to complete the set…. Hah!  “Just 7 SP’s”.   Among the seven are Sandy Koufax and Willie Mays… it’ll be a challenge to finish this set off while staying within my budget, but we’ll see what happens.



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