1976 SSPC #402 – Fred Lynn (Red Sox)

1976 SSPC #402 Fred Lynn
Fred Lynn… was the first player to win the Rookie Of The Year and Most Valuable Player award in the same season (1975). He was a 9-time All Star, 4-time Gold Glover, lead the AL in runs scored in 1975, in batting in 1979, and was the MVP of the 1982 ALCS, even though his Angels lost to the Brewers.

In 1976, Fred Lynn… was the Red Sox center fielder, batted .314 and hit a homer in the All Star game.

Shea-o-meter:   Definitely Shea Stadium.
Shea:  28
Pretty sure it’s Shea:  6
Can’t tell:  6
Not Shea:  5

Betcha didn’t know… In 1983, Fred Lynn became the only player to ever hit a Grand Slam in the All Star game.

1976 Joe says… I can take or leave the Red Sox, but I love the red caps with the black bill!

2013 Joe says… The Red Sox should bring back those caps.

1976 SSPC #402 Fred Lynn back


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