Box Cards (Collectible Of Sorts)

While poking around COMC on Black Friday weekend, I stumbled across some Mets-related box cards… You know, the cards that Topps, Fleer and Donruss used to put on the bottom and sides of wax boxes.

This Howard Johnson card is, of course, from a 1988 Topps box.
1988 Topps Box Cards Howard Johnson

I probably overpaid to get these, but when shopping on COMC I always try to factor in the convenience… I don’t mind paying a little extra for the fact that the cards are easy to find and easy to obtain once I’ve found them.

I also got this 1986 Dwight Gooden box card…
1986 Topps Box Cards Dwight Gooden
…and later I realized I already had this card, only I have it in panel form. At least this way I’ve got one to put in my mid-1980’s Mets binder as well as keeping the original one in box-bottom form.

1986 Topps box cards E-H

Hmmm… I feel like this post needs something more.  How about a 2002 Upper Deck Minor League card of Jose Reyes which shows him in a Binghamton Mets uniform, features the Binghamton Mets logo at the bottom left, says “Binghamton” in silver foil, lists the minor league level as “AA”, which is the classification of the Binghamton Mets and at the very bottom the card says “St. Lucie Mets”.

2002 UD Minor League Jose Reyes

I’ve got a semi-obscure reference in the subject line, and I’ll wrap it up with another semi-obscure reference:

“He was born in Liverpool, attended school in Liverpool, was even married in Liverpool, and his football team is, of course, Everton.”

6 thoughts on “Box Cards (Collectible Of Sorts)

  1. Lovin’ the “Chronic Town” reference! I still have that EP on cassette somewhere with the gargoyle on the cover. R.E.M. from the early ’80 is one of my all-time favorite musical indulgences…

    • I was hoping someone would get the reference! Every time I typed out the phrase “Box Cards” I heard Michael Stipe in my head, so I decided to go with it as the subject line… run it up the flagpole and see who salutes. :-)

  2. Happy new year! I love 1980s cards that we don’t really see all that often.

    Any reason you recently changed your blog settings so we have to click through instead of getting the full post content via email, the WordPress reader or RSS feed?

    • Happy New Year to you too, Paul!

      Sorry about the change to my feed… I had a situation where I’d be posting every day but would go days at a time without posts showing up in anyone’s blogrolls. This past weekend I decided to launch a full frontal assault on the problem and did everything I could to streamline the feed.

      I don’t think having the full text was part of the problem, so I’ve just switched it back… but if tomorrow’s post doesn’t pop up on the blogrolls, I may change the feed back.

      • Ok, cool. It’s not a big deal, I was just curious since that’s usually only something that blogs that run ads do.

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