1993 Donruss – Saved From The Purge

Last weekend I went through my modest collection of 1993 Donruss – a set I realized I’m never going to get around to completing – and purged a bunch of cards which didn’t fit into any of my various collections.

What I’m sharing today are a bunch of cards which fit into a relatively new collection:  “Too Cool To Purge”.

For the most part, I’ll let the cards do the talking.

1993 Donruss Jose Oquendo

1993 Donruss Jose Vizcaino

1993 Donruss Kelly Gruber

This next card is an OK action shot, but I hung on to it for other reasons….

1993 Donruss Lance Parrish

Lance Parrish… With the Mariners?  Playing – I’m guessing – first base?  This just looks so ODD.

The transaction listings from the last few years of Lance Parrish’s career are an interesting sight to see…  After playing with the M’s in 1992, he went to the Dodgers (but didn’t play for them) to the Indians (10 games) to the Tigers (didn’t play for them this time around) to the Pirates (40 games) to the Royals (didn’t play for them) to the Blue Jays (110 games over two seasons) to the Pirates (didn’t play for them) to retirement.

OK, back to “letting the cards speak for themselves”…

1993 Donruss Lenny Harris

1993 Donruss Travis Fryman

1993 Donruss Bob Walk

1993 Donruss Brent Mayne

Carlos Hernadez gets double-duty because I like the front…

1993 Donruss Carlos Hernandez

…and the back.

1993 Donruss Carlos Hernadez back

1993 Donruss Geno Petralli

…and the last card I’m sharing doesn’t really fall into the “Too cool to purge” category;  I would’ve saved it just because it’s Bip.
1993 Donruss Bip Roberts

I’m finding that the more sets I purge from my collection, the more I look at other sets and think “If I got rid of most of those cards, would I really miss them?”

…In other words, there will be more posts like this one in the future.


6 thoughts on “1993 Donruss – Saved From The Purge

  1. I was out of the hobby when these were new and I never see them. Thanks for the peek at some of the set. There is some pretty good photography in there. especially on the cards of the catchers.

    • 1993 Donruss is not a bad set by any means, and I saved more cards than I expected to, but it just came down to asking myself “If I’m never going to complete this set, what reason is there to hang on to checklists, Doug Brocail and Turner Ward?”

    • Fear not, the unwanted 1993 Donruss cards are bound for a destiny better than being ignored in one of my numerous Monster Boxes.

      Some of the “junkier” sets that are way overproduced, and which have no foil or gloss or other non-natural substances on them… those cards find a good home in the recycling bin. Believe me, the only people who will miss those cards are the fine folk at Fairfield who obtain cards for the repacks.

      • I would have been willing to pay shipping for the ’93 Donruss. Some people manage to miss out on accumulating even the junkiest of wax. Have 2.7 billion ’89s, ’90s, ’91s, but I’m light on ’92 and ’93 Donruss. Oh well.

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