Greetings, Professor Falken. Shall We Play A Game?

The other day I caught part of WarGames on TV… For those of you who don’t know, WarGames is a movie from 1983 about a teenage computer hacker who gets into a Department Of Defense computer and plays a Nuclear War simulation game which very nearly turns into the real thing. The movie’s a bit dated, but still pretty good. It stars a pre-“Ferris Bueller” Matthew Broderick and a pre-“Breakfast Club” Ally Sheedy… I remember being particularly – *ahem* – smitten with Ally Sheedy when I saw this movie the first time… and before you accuse me of lusting after high school girls, I was just out of high school when WarGames came out, so don’t go throwing around words like “creepy”.

…and Ally Sheedy is older than I am anyway, thank you very much.

OK, I seem to be wandering away from my original point, which was that I always enjoy a good game, and I also enjoy picking up cards from baseball-related collectible card games… Someday, we’ll all be writing about those cool oddball MLB Showdown cards from the 2000’s.

So I picked up a few of these cards during the Black Friday promotion on COMC… Would you like to see them?

Too bad, I’m showing them anyway.

Here’s an addition I made to one of my player collections, this is a 2003 MLB Showdown Pennant Run card of Frank Catalanotto…
2003 MLB Showdown Pennant Run Frank Catalanotto
I started following Frank because he’s from the same part of Long Island that I’m from, and from there I grew to appreciate him as a player. He’s 9 years younger than I am, but who knows, maybe he also saw WarGames when it was playing at the movie theater at the Smith Haven Mall (or wherever it was that I saw it).

I also picked up several Mets from the 2005 Topps Pack Wars set. I know almost nothing about Pack Wars, I presume it was a predecessor to Attax. Feel free to free me from the shackles of my ignorance.
2005 Topps Pack Wars Jose Reyes

2005 Topps Pack Wars Mike Piazza

2005 Topps Pack Wars Tom Glavine

I don’t know how else to end this than to close out with a quote from WarGames:

A strange game.

How about a nice game of chess?


3 thoughts on “Greetings, Professor Falken. Shall We Play A Game?

  1. Love the War Games references. It was a good movie. I saw it in the theater when it came out. Great cast including Dabney Coleman. How about the old modem where you had to put your phone handset into the modem. The oldest of dialups.

    • I laughed when I saw that… I have to admit that I’ve used modems like that in the past. I’ve also used hard-copy terminals, 8″ floppies and – for one particular task at one particular job – paper tape. There’s no nerd like an old nerd. :-)

  2. Ditto what Hackenbush said about Wargames. I also was smitten by Ally Sheedy at that time and I am about the same age as you.

    Back in the day I was really impressed with that computer set up. I was really into computers and video games back then. I had learned “Basic” programing language (and Apples “applebasic” which was practically the same thing) and thought I was a real computer nerd-it-all. Then sometime around the early 1990s with Windows (3.0 or whatever I first was acquainted with) I realized I didn’t know cyber-jack. Now-days I rarely even think of video games. The video games now are more like movies and it is often hard to tell it the trailer you are watching is for an upcoming movie or an upcoming video game.

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