2013 Choice Binghamton Mets – An Awesome Design For A Minor League Team Set

Back in September I featured a number of minor league baseball card sets, all of which had designs that I thought were fantastic.  One that I liked in particular, the Binghamton Mets set, made me say “I’m going to have to put my money where my mouth is and pick up this set.”

Well, money and mouth have converged, and I picked up the set at a show a couple of months ago.

Actually, while digging through the minor league sets at the same show, I came across the same design on a Choice set from 2007…  I couldn’t tell you which team it was, but the fact that it’s not a new design doesn’t diminish how I feel about this design.

I’ll start off with the same card I featured in September, the Rafael Montero card:
2013 Choice B-Mets Rafael Montero
Montero is a top pitching prospect, recently ranked the Mets’ #3 prospect by Baseball America.  He’s also got a Spring Training invite and is expected to compete for the #5 spot in the Mets rotation.

I suppose some of you want to see the back…
2013 Choice B-Mets Rafael Montero back

Jacob deGrom is another Mets prospect, ranked #10 by BA
2013 Choice B-Mets Jacob DeGrom
deGrom will also be competing for that coveted rotation spot this spring.

Cory Vaughn wasn’t ranked in the Top 10, but he’s a well-regarded prospect, has been invited to spring training, and is the son of former Brewers/Padres/Rays/Reds outfielder Greg Vaughn.  According to baseball-reference.com, he’s also related to Jerry Royster and Mo Vaughn.
2013 Choice B-Mets Cory Vaughn
For some reason,  my scanner refused to scan this card straight.  I scanned it a couple of times, and it ended up crooked every time.  Just as I was about to go into Paint Shop Pro and manually straighten it out, my brain started playing the beginning of the Led Zeppelin song “Black Country Woman”, where Robert Plant says “Nah, leave it, yeah….”  So I did leave it.

Shawn Teufel is also the son of a former Major Leaguer.  His dad is Mets third base coach Tim Teufel.  He also has the misfortune of being pictured in a horribly ugly jersey… Breast Cancer Awareness is my guess.
2013 Choice B-Mets Shawn Teufel
Here’s something I found mildly amusing about Shawn Teufel.  From the schools he’s attended – Jupiter Christian H.S. in Jupiter, Florida, Liberty University — it’s pretty clear that he had a Christian upbringing.

No, that’s not the amusing part.

What I find mildly amusing is the fact that “Teufel” is the German word for “Devil”.

Well, OK, I found it amusing.

Some other B-Mets of note…

Jack Leathersich is another guy who has a Spring Training invite.
2013 Choice B-Mets Jack Leathersich

Wilfredo Tovar got an unexpected call-up this past season and saw action in 7 Mets games.
2013 Choice B-Mets Wilfredo Tovar
He’s a Venezuelan shortstop who doesn’t wear #13.


César Puello has been a Top 10 Mets prospect in the past, but isn’t considered one this year (despite some impressive numbers in AA).
2013 Choice B-Mets Cesar Puello

Danny Muno also got invited to spring training.
2013 Choice B-Mets Danny Muno

So, there you go… A design that looks great in a binder, and some minor leaguers who can hopefully make an impact in CitiField.  I don’t buy as many minor league sets as I used to, but this is one I’m glad to welcome into my collection.


One thought on “2013 Choice Binghamton Mets – An Awesome Design For A Minor League Team Set

  1. If Teufel makes it to the bigs, that will make two that the Mets had, so I guess the Mets are selling their soul–again? Wonder what the going rate for one is these days…
    But I agree, the designs are pretty cool. Topps and Donruss could take a clue on this.
    And you gotta love a name like Leathersich!

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