Barkeep! A Cincinnati Stinger For The Lady, Please…

For reasons even I cannot explain, the Cincinnati Stingers were and are my favorite team in the World Hockey Association. Never mind that I grew up in an NHL-dominated area and have never seen a WHA game outside of clips on YouTube. I liked the logo when I was a kid, and I’ve always had a predilection for black and gold…

Among my COMC Black Friday purchases were a couple of O-Pee-Chee WHA cards, both featuring Stingers…

…both featuring a particular Stinger…

This is a 1975-76 O-Pee-Chee WHA card featuring Cincinnati hockey legend – as much as there is such a thing – Dennis Sobchuk.
1975-76 OPC WHA Dennis Sobchuk

Sobchuk was a monster in Junior hockey, scoring nearly a goal a game during three years with the Regina Pats. Before reaching eligibility for the NHL draft he signed a big contract with the Stingers. Here’s his 1977/78 OPC WHA card:
1977-78 OPC WHA Dennis Sobchuk

As long as I’m featuring Sobchuk cards, I’ll throw in one I’ve had since the early Eighties, Sobchuk’s rookie card from 1974/75 OPC WHA…
1974-75 OPC WHA Dennis Sobchuk
Good Lord, he’s just a kid!!!! Sobchuk had turned 21 during that ’74/’75 season.

According to online sources that I would verify if I knew how, Cincinnati loaned Sobchuk to the Phoenix Roadrunners for the 1974/75 season because the Stingers didn’t yet have an arena in which to play.

I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s an endless source of amusement for my feeble mind that the two major hockey teams in Phoenix history are the Coyotes and the Roadrunners. Meep meep!

After the WHA was absorbed by the NHL, Sobchuk did play a small number of games with the Red Wings and Nordiques, but he never lived up to the promise he showed in Regina.


6 thoughts on “Barkeep! A Cincinnati Stinger For The Lady, Please…

    • I can imagine… I have a complete set of the 1974/75, and a few cards from the other WHA sets, but this is the first 75/76 card I’d gotten. I like them, but I don’t see myself getting more than a couple.

      I do like the design, it looks sort of European somehow.

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