1976 SSPC #537 – Rusty Staub (Tigers/Mets)

1976 SSPC #537 Rusty Staub
Rusty Staub… Played 23 seasons in the Major Leagues, is a fan favorite in Montreal and New York, and is the only player to have 500 hits with each of 4 different teams.  In 1963 he played 150 games as a 19-year old, and by 1965 he was a fixture in the Majors.  Aside from Houston, he also played for the Expos, Mets, Tigers and Rangers.  He was named to 6 All-Star teams, hit 100 RBI four different years, lead the NL in Doubles in 1967

‘Round here, folks call me… Le Grand Orange

In 1976, Rusty Staub… played for the Tigers after a December, 1975 trade that got the Mets the 35-year-old Mickey Lolich in return.  This trade was my first exposure to that unique brand of “What were they thinking?” trades which litter the course of Mets history.

In his first year with the Tigers, Rusty batted .299 with 15 homers and 96 RBI and made the AL All-Star team.

Mickey Lolich went 8-13 for an 86-76 Mets team, and retired (temporarily, as it turned out) after the season was over.  Thanks, Mets front office!

Baseball Card Stuff… Rusty had two cards in the 1971 O-Pee-Chee set, one which was largely the same as his 1971 Topps card, and an extra on in an earlier series, for Expos fans who couldn’t wait.  I don’t have that card yet, but you can read about it on GCRL’s excellent-but-retired “Oh, My O-Pee-Chee” blog here.

Due to a dispute with Topps, Rusty did not appear in the 1972 or 1973 Topps sets.

Shea-o-meter:   Mais oui, c’est la Stade Shea!
Shea:  32
Pretty sure it’s Shea:  6
Can’t tell:  6
Not Shea:  5

Pointless info: Rusty played for three of the four 1961/62 expansion teams, although he didn’t play for one team until after it had relocated (Texas).  He never played for the Angels.

Even more pointless:  “Staub” is the German word for “dust”.

1976 SSPC #537 Rusty Staub back

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