Pointless Exercise: McAllStar Team

Just as a fun little diversion, I made up an All-Star team of players whose last names begin with “Mc”.

Ground rules: I decided to limit the candidates to those players active since 1950. That keeps things reasonably within my realm of knowledge, corresponds more or less to the modern era of baseball cards, and also keeps me from having to consider whether Squinty McNarwhal of the 1895 Cleveland Spiders is worthy of being a McAllStar.

OK, with that out of the way…

Ladies and Gentlemen, give a warm welcome to YOUR McAllStars!!!!!

RHP – Denny McLain

1970 Topps Denny McLain AS

LHP – Dave McNally

1971 Topps Dave McNally

Reliever – Tug McGraw
1984 Donruss Tug McGraw

Catcher – Brian McCann
2013 Topps Brian McCann

Yes, I screwed up the scan, but I’m not going back and fixing it.  You’ve seen this card before.

1st Base – Willie McCovey

1971 Topps Willie McCovey

2nd Base – Dick McAuliffe

1970 Topps Dick McAuliffe

ShortStop – Roy McMillan

1956 Topps Roy McMillan

Third Base – Joe McEwing

2003 Topps Total Joe McEwing
OK, I’ll admit, I couldn’t find many “Mc’s” who played third.  I’m sure someone will now tell me of some obvious player I missed.

Left Field – Hal McRae

1975 Topps Hal McRae

Center Field – Andrew McCutchen

2012 Topps Andrew McCutchen

Right Field – Bake McBride

1976 Topps Bake McBride

Designated Hitter – Mark McGwire

1988 Topps Mark McGwire

Manager – John McNamara

1983 Topps Traded John McNamara

What do you think?  Who would you name to the McAllStar Team?


5 thoughts on “Pointless Exercise: McAllStar Team

  1. Bill McCool should go on ANY team that is focusing on names (though the stats are probably not there – who am I kidding, with a name like “McCool”, he has to be awesome, right?).

    • I had considered Scott McGregor for LHP, but I hadn’t thought of Sudden Sam.

      …and I certainly didn’t think of Gil McDougald, and gave myself a big ol’ headslap when I saw his name. I knew someone would set me straight.

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