“The Fire Brigade Once Got My Head Out Of Some Railings.”

“Did you want them to?”

“No.  I used to leave it there when I wasn’t using it for school.”
1964 Topps Beatles Color #47

The above dialogue from the Beatles’ movie “Help!” pretty much sums up my state of being over the past week.  I had a head cold which wasn’t much in the way of obvious symptoms – just a runny nose – but it severely limited my functional brain power, and what little I had got used up at work.

I’d come home and think “Well, I’ll write about that repack I bought”.

(Stares at screen)

“…or some cards I got at the last show…”

(Stares at screen)

“OK, fine, I’ll do something relatively mindless like work on a custom card.”

(Stares at screen)

So, rather than just posting something for the sake of posting, I took a couple of days off. Hope you didn’t miss me too badly.

1964 Topps Beatles Color #5

…and with that, I think I’ve used my my allotment of brain cells. I’ll have more interesting stuff over the weekend. In the meantime, please enjoy these Beatles cards from 1964.

1964 Topps Beatles Color #42

“…With cards like these, I could – dare I say it? – rule the world!”

1964 OPC Beatles B&W #2


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