2013/14 “Hot Stove” – Bronson Arroyo, Alpha And Omega

Back in September, I previewed my Hot Stove set with these two images, custom cards which weren’t so much predictions as much as theoretical possibilities that illustrated points I’d wanted to make:
2013-14 Hot Stove Promo #2 Bronson Arroyo

2013-14 Hot Stove Promo #1 Matt Garza

As it turned out, the D-Backs were rumored to be in on Garza until the end, and I came pretty close to looking like a genius.

But since the D-Backs did get Bronson Arroyo, I also would’ve looked like a genius if I’d only swapped the two teams.  Oh, well.

Anyway, it’s time to set things straight.  I’m not going to bother doing Garza in a Brewers uni, but I did decide to re-do Arroyo in his properly-airbrushed uniform:

2013-14 TSR Hot Stove #18 - Bronson Arroyo

All throughout this set and the prior year’s version, I tried some different “tricks” every now and then… That was the case with this one, and it didn’t turn out quite like I’d envisioned it, but it’s close enough.

To be frank, I was a bit limited on the time I had to do this, because I’ve got two other “custom card” projects currently in the works.  I’m trying to finalize the design of my regular 2014 TSR custom set, and I also got temporarily sidetracked by a spur-of-the-moment, Olympic-related custom set, one that you’ll be seeing in the next week or so.

I’d have to think that this will be the last card of the Hot Stove set… At this time of year, there’s not a whole lot of point to “photoshopping” players into uniforms that they’ve already started to appear in.

So, to wrap things up, I’d like to introduce a new concept in inserts…

We’ve had “Mini” cards…

We’ve had “Micro” cards…

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce the new “Infinitesimal” parallel insert!
2013-14 TSR Hot Stove Infinitesimal uncut sheet
It’s an uncut sheet of 132 cards, but the entire sheet is a standard 2.5″ x 3.5″… which means that each individual card measures 0.21″ x 0.29″.

Mini-er than Mini.

Micro-i-er than Micro.

I win.


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