Gloom, Despair And Agony On Me…

“…Deep, dark depression, excessive misery…”

Last night I wrote a post that was meant to be about the lack of dime boxes where I live, and how recent attempts to fill the gap with 100-card repacks have not worked out as well as I would have liked.

However, when I finished the post and got ready to schedule it for publication, I looked it over and realized that it came across more like this:

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!  Whine, whine, kvetch, kvetch, kvetch.

So I went to bed thinking “I can’t publish that crap”.

You see?  I do have standards!

…But I did have a fair amount of time invested, so this is my attempt to salvage that post.  Here’s the best of what I got in those repacks.

As many 1988 Donruss cards as I’ve had over the years, I would’ve guessed that I had a complete Mets team set by now…
1988 Donruss Barry Lyons
…and I would be wrong.  Even with Mr. Lyons, I still need 6 cards.

I got two glossy All-Stars that I needed, and a whole bunch I didn’t need. These cards are fun, but I keep getting the same ones over and over.
1988 Topps All-Star Glossy Billy Williams
Billy Williams looks odd with a mustache… or more to the point, he looks odd in a Cubs uniform with a mustache. Billy Williams in an A’s uniform with a mustache looks just fine.

I’m sure if you asked Rickey Henderson about this card, he’d say “Rickey likes it!” …because, you know, it’s Rickey.
1988 Topps All-Star Glossy Rickey Henderson

Who’s this young whippersnapper?
1990 Upper Deck Jamie Moyer back
It’s an addition to my Jamie Moyer collection!
1990 Upper Deck Jamie Moyer
Jamie Moyer became a favorite player of mine when he ended up being the last Major Leaguer older than I am. I’m still hoping for a comeback attempt…

Tim Leary was supposed to be the “new Tom Seaver”, but an elbow injury sustained in his Major League debut put him on the shelf for over 2 years and changed his career path from perennial Cy Young candidate to journeyman.
1994 Fleer Tim Leary

Chris Gomez played 2+ seasons with the Orioles and became a favorite of mine and my wife’s.
1995 Score Chris Gomez
I’ve got a sort of passive player collection going for him; I keep what I get, but I don’t make much effort to seek out new cards.

The 2012 update packs that came in the repacks had a few cards I needed, but of all the inserts I got, the only one I kept was this:
2012 Topps 1987 Mini Johan Santana
I’m so over mini inserts that I’m thinking of going back and purging the ones that don’t fit into a team or player collection. This Johan would be safe because of his Metsmanship.

I’ve had fairly good luck in getting 1979 cards in repacks, but they always seem to be one of the 636 cards I already own rather than the 90 cards I need. This is one of the few exceptions.
1979 Topps Jimmy Sexton
Yes, I understand about probabilities involved when I already have 91% of the set, but probabilities be damned, I want to complete that set!

After my mediocre success with this particular repack configuration, I decided I would try something different the next time I needed a repack fix.   My next post will give a preview of that repack.


6 thoughts on “Gloom, Despair And Agony On Me…

  1. “passive player collection”… that’s a perfect term for what I do with several players, Luis Aparicio and Lance Berkman for example. I’m going to steal that one.

  2. Oh, meant to say….

    I finish a post and think “I can’t publish that crap” all the time. Difference between us is you have standards. Me? I say ‘screw it’ and hit the publish button.

  3. I must be about the same age as you as Moyer is the last active major leaguer older than me also. I’ve been hoping for a comeback either by him or Kimiyasu Kudoh, the last active NPB player older than me.

    Quick, someone sign Julio Franco!

  4. I’ve been sticking to repacks that contain a mixture of loose cards and unopened packs, because for all of the 87-90 Topps all-stars I have accumulated, I have done pretty good with hits out of the packs – better than I usually do buying packs on their own.

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