Curling Dervishes: The Rest Of My Virtual Curling Set

About a week ago, I shared a number of Olympics-inspired, virtual curling trading cards I’d made while watching the curling matches in Sochi.

Again, I should point out to anyone coming here through a search engine or otherwise that these are not actual and/or commercially available trading cards… they’re just cards I made up on my computer.

I have to admit, I’m undergoing something of an Olympic withdrawal. Over the past couple of weeks, I got used to having curling or hockey on while I was getting ready in the morning, or trying to catch up in the evenings so that our DVR didn’t run out of space (it’s always on the edge).

Now, it just seems like I should be watching something, but hockey is back to the NHL (pause while I spit on the ground) and because I live in the U.S., curling just vanishes into the ether for another four years.

So, to postpone my curling withdrawal a little bit, here are more of my curling cards based on the 1973 Topps Baseball set.

The Norwegians weren’t the only ones with funky pants…
2014 TSR Curling - Alexey Stukalskiy
…although the Russians only had one pair of funky pants, and they didn’t wear them all the time. I do like these, though.

…Not that I would wear such a thing, but I like them.

After it became clear that the U.S. Curling teams weren’t going to have an impact, I started switching over to Canada and Great Britain.
2014 TSR Curling - Anna Sloan
I’ll admit to one thing with the Great Britain teams: I loved listening to their Scottish accents.

As a curling novice, I always pick up a few bits of knowledge whenever I watch a match. One thing I learned this time around is that the vice-skip and skip do not always throw third and fourth. The Swedish women are among those who shuffle their “throwing order”.  Their skip was the lead, and the vice-skip threw fourth.
2014 TSR Curling - Christina Bertrup
…So even though Christina Bertrup is third, she’s not the vice-skip.  The main reason she ends up representing the team here is simply because I like the way her card turned out.

…and now, on to the Gold Medal-winning Canadian teams… First the men.
2014 TSR Curling - Canadian Men's Team
The Canadian team did a number on the team from Great Britain, winning 9-3 when Team GB conceded after 8 ends.

I enjoyed watching Ryan Fry during the Gold Medal game; his accuracy was 81%, 85% overall, but he delivered a lot of the important take-outs.
2014 TSR Curling - Ryan Fry

Brad Jacobs had an impressive 95% going in the gold medal game.
2014 TSR Curling - Brad Jacobs

The Canadian women’s team, lead by skip Jennifer Jones, went undefeated on their way to a well-earned Gold Medal.
2014 TSR Curling - Canadian Women's Team

Vice-Skip Kaitlyn Lawes had a rough Gold Medal game – so I’ve been told, I haven’t watched it yet.  Since I got spoiled on the result, I decided to save the recording for when I need a “fix”.
2014 TSR Curling - Kaitlyn Lawes
Lawes reminds me of someone, but I haven’t figured out who.  It could be someone I’ve known personally, in which case none of you would care.

And now, because HockeyKazi requested it, here’s Canadian skip and one of the world’s best woman curlers, Jennifer Jones!
2014 TSR Curling - Jennifer Jones
(Pssst… Don’t tell him I was going to feature this card anyway).

So, lemme ask ya somethin’… Aside from the handful of cards in the US Olympic set that Topps put out towards the end of 2013, does anybody know of any real curling cards? So far all I’ve been able to find is a German 1932 Sanella card, a 1970’s Sportscaster card, and a Garbage Pail Kid sticker for “Curling Sterling”.

There are a few Sochi-related cards on eBay, but I think they might be as legitimate as my cards here.


9 thoughts on “Curling Dervishes: The Rest Of My Virtual Curling Set

  1. I love these. Curling is a great sport. I was an alternate on the high-school curling team, which is as close as I ever got to athletic greatness other than playing a mean steet-hockey game.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like them. I knew that they’d have limited appeal, but I had so much fun making them that I figured that somebody else would like them.

      The only teams I’ve ever been on were bowling teams and softball teams, and in both cases all I had to do to be on the team was to show up… so you’re one-up on me in terms of athletic greatness. :-D

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