My “20 packs For $20” Repack: How I Done Did

Last week I broke from my usual repack-buying habits and bought one of those “20 packs for $19.99” boxes.  Now that I’ve opened all the packs, I figured some of you might be interested in how it worked out.

Before assessing my final haul, I’ll remind you that the box came with a “Hit”, and that hit was an Alex Rodriguez relic:
2002 Upper Deck Collectors Club Alex Rodriguez Bat

OK, so from the start it was really “14 packs for $20” because I expected the 6 packs of 2008 UD First Edition Update to be complete rubbish, and they were exactly that.

The 2013 Opening Day packs resulted in some decent inserts, the best of which was this David Wright Play Hard insert, which I would’ve attempted to get at some point, but now I don’t have to:
2013 Topps Opening Day Play Hard David Wright

Running a close second was this Yadi Molina:
2013 Topps Opening Day Stars Yadier Molina
I don’t have any huge feelings either way towards Molina or the Cardinals, but it’s 3-D!!! Anything 3-D gets added to my collection.  If there were an Allen & Ginter insert set featuring the Attorneys General of all 50 states, but it were in 3-D, I’d be there.

Getting back to the Opening Day inserts…
2013 Topps Opening Day Play Hard Alex Gordon
Is it me or does Alex Gordon look somewhat “George Brett-y” on this card?

2013 Topps Opening Day Ballpark Fun Coco Crisp
Is it me or does Crisp look somewhat creamy on this card?

2013 Topps Opening Day Blue Parallel Ryan Braun
I’m hoping that Brewers fans can find it in their hearts to forgive Ryan Braun… and then buy this card from me after I send it in to COMC.

All of the Opening Day base cards went into the box of cards to be given out a Halloween.  I don’t collect Opening Day, but if I come across a card where the photo had been photoshopped in between Topps Series One and Opening Day, I’ll often hang on to that card.  I didn’t find any cards like that, and I’m not even sure that Topps did that with 2013 Opening Day.

I hadn’t recalled seeing 2003 Flair before I opened this pack, and now I know why.  I’m a base card collector far more than an insert collector, and I can’t imagine many people bought this set for the base cards.
2003 Fleer Flair Pedro Martinez
I don’t see the point of cards like this where you have this dominating design with a leetle tiny picture in there.

The two 1990 Upper Deck packs filled out a couple of cards on my wantlist, and got me a Cal.
1990 Upper Deck Cal Ripken

I also got this Darrell Evans card which surprised me; I don’t remember Evans finishing out his career in Atlanta. I can easily picture him in a Braves uni, but not this one, but rather the 1970’s version.
1990 Upper Deck Darrell Evans
I tend to forget that the Braves have had this uniform design since the late 1980’s; I also tend to forget that the “softball” uniform that I think of as being “1970’s Braves” only lasted four years.

This next card threw me for a largely non-obvious reason…
1990 Upper Deck Dave Gallagher
Dave Gallagher without a mustache? What madness is this????

The 2012 Heritage cards were surprisingly – and yet not surprisingly – a complete washout.  I have just over half the base cards from this set, and yet I managed to get absolutely nothing I needed out of the two packs.  Neither pack had any high numbers, and the only insert I got was a Tim Lincecum “New Age Performers”.  Whoopee.

In the original post about this repack, I mentioned that the Heritage packs weren’t obviously opened and resealed, but I’m thinking that this doesn’t mean that they hadn’t been opened and resealed.  Shouldn’t two packs of Heritage contain more than one insert between them?  I would think I’d get a News Flashback or a “Then And Now” or something.

I don’t know for sure that there’s something screwy going on here, but it makes me wonder.

The 2012 Topps packs got me a handful of the 90-or-so cards I needed to complete the set… and that’s all I really have to say about those.

The 2013 Topps rack pack had originally been sold in a Target store, as evidenced by the red parallels:
2013 Topps Target  Jose Iglesias
I guess it’s not a surprise considering that the repack was bought in Target.

I also got a couple of Chasing History Holofoil cards… I didn’t even know there were Holofoil versions of these cards until I saw that Buster Posey was slightly shimmery.
2013 Topps Chasing History Holofoil Buster Possey

What’s the deal with these holofoil cards? Did they come only in rack packs or something? I don’t remember having seen one before, and I suddenly had two.
2013 Topps Chasing History Holofoil Joey Votto

Before I started thumbing through the cards from this rack pack, I could see a little bit of a die cut “Cut To The Case” card sticking out. I don’t really like these cards, but I figured I might be able to sell it on COMC… Then I saw who it was:
2013 Topps Cut To The Chase Alex Rodriguez
…At which point I said something along the lines of “Dagnabbit!” I don’t know what it is about A-Rod inserts that they seem to gravitate towards me.

So, was it worth my $20?

On the plus side, I got some decent inserts and had some fun opening the packs.

On the negative side, I added just 22 cards to my collection.  A lot of that was just bad luck or bad collation, because I didn’t put as much of a dent into some of these sets as I’d hoped to.

When all was said and done, the box left me feeling a bit like Jeff Wetherby here:

1990 Upper Deck Jeff Wetherby

I look to repacks for some cheap entertainment, but this wasn’t all that cheap.  It probably worked out OK for me – just barely – but I’m not sure it’s something I’d do again.

9 thoughts on “My “20 packs For $20” Repack: How I Done Did

  1. I couple months back, I picked up a 20 for $20 repack at Walmart, pulled out a 2012 rack pack, and it had red bordered inserts inside. Made for a nice chuckle.

  2. For my own collecting needs, I’ve gotten away from buying packs. It’s better to spend $10 or $20 on cards I actually want than packs that will mostly add clutter in the form of doubles or other cards that I’m not interested in.

    I pretty much limit myself to a couple of packs of Topps Series 1 around launch day to mark the start of the baseball year, but I didn’t even do that this time because of budgetary limitations.

    • Opening packs of SOMETHING is just part of the hobby for me. Since I’m not buying packs of 2014 Topps (Factory set in my future), I’ve been filling that need through repacks, but it hasn’t worked out as well as it used to.

      Before too much longer, Heritage will save me from this self-destructive behavior.

  3. As long as you had fun with it, I’d say it was worth the $20. I really like that Coco Crisp “Ballpark Fun” insert.

    • I thought so little of the cards that when I wanted to check for those players, I had to stop and think of where I put them.

      Sorry, I didn’t get either player. Two A-Rod inserts, I couldn’t even fill someone else’s wants… I think that repack box was cursed.

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