2014 Topps Adhesive Minis (a.k.a. “Stickers”)

My week at work was so frustrating and depressing…

(This is where you say “How frustrating was it?”)

…It was so frustrating that I feel the need to repeat it in Spanish, or at least Google Translate’s version of Spanish:

¡Una semana muy frustrante y deprimente!

As soon as I got out of work, I went straight to Target in hopes of finding something from the card aisle to compensate myself for my pain and suffering.

…And that’s when I found the Adhesive Minis.
2014 Topps Stickers Wrapper

Honestly, with all the minis flying out of the Topps factory these days, I don’t know why “Adhesive Minis” hasn’t occurred to Topps yet.

I’ve gone back and forth with Adhesive Minis since they were revived a couple of years ago. On the plus side, they’re usually appealing in a “less is more” sort of way, and they’re a cheap way to get a pack-opening fix. On the minus side, I never could bring myself to actually put them in an album, so what I do get ends up sitting in a stack while I wonder what the heck to do with them.

Before we get going, does anybody know of a place to get an online copy of a checklist for this set? I’d like to include it in my database, but even Topps’ website doesn’t include a checklist.

OK, enough of that.  Let’s open the pack!

Incidentally, having David Wright on the wrapper of this and other packs makes me wonder… As a Mets fan, should I save at least one of these wrappers for my collection?


OK, here we go, first sticker:
2014 Topps Stickers Colby Rasmus
Not bad. Interesting how the first name is larger than the surname.

Oooooh! Photoshop action!
2014 Topps Stickers Jacoby Ellsbury
Have they photoshopped before for the Adhesive Mini set?  I don’t remember it happening before, but my memory’s never been all that great.

Here’s a question for Red Sox fans: How far back does one have to go to find a photo of a beardless Ellsbury?  Is it the beginning of 2013, or does it go back further?

Shiny, shiny logos which don’t look shiny, shiny in a scan.
2014 Topps Stickers Brewers Twins

GAAAH! Billy The Marlin!
2014 Topps Stickers Billy The Marlin
I appreciate the wordplay involved in the name, but jeez, this photo is the stuff of nightmares!

Nick Castellanos! Earlier this week, I saw this guy on a custom card which was much better looking than this… where was that… Hmmmm….
2014 Topps Stickers Nick Castellanos
Shhhhh… You hear that? That’s the sound of me patting myself on the back.

Movin’ along…

Mike Trout!
2014 Topps Stickers Mike Trout
Trouty McTroutster! The Troutmeister! Trout-a-palooza! Trouty-trouty-trout-trout-trout!

Dayan Viciedo. I can’t think of anything to say about him.
2014 Topps Stickers Dayan Viciedo
I sort of miss the days when Jerry Reinsdorf was the biggest schmuck in MLB… Something else ruined by Jeff Loria.

Action Jackson!
2014 Topps Stickers Austin Jackson

OK, that’s the end of pack #1. I bought a second pack, but I’ll share just the highlights of that one…

2014 Topps Stickers Jim Johnson
More photoshopping! I’ll miss JJ in Baltimore this year. Hopefully I won’t miss him TOO much… Like in the 9th inning… or even worse, when the O’s play the A’s…

2014 Topps Stickers Raymond
I’m pretty sure I saw Raymond on an episode of Doctor Who…  Maybe in that 9th Doctor episode where The Doctor and Rose went to what was literally the end of the world.  I wish we had more than one season of Chris Eccleston…

…but I digress…

2014 Topps Stickers Ryan Zimmerman
Here’s one for my Ryan Zimmerman PC…

2014 Topps Stickers Bartolo Colon
¡Bartolo Colon con los Metropolitanos de Nueva York!

(Hey, I went through the trouble of getting the upside-down exclamation mark for the beginning of this post… Dammit, I’m gonna use it!)
…Un otra foto alterada con Photoshop…

Never taken a single class in Spanish, ladies and gentlemen! Thanks, I’ll be here all week…

And finally, because it seems appropriate for this post:
2014 Topps Stickers Roberto Clemente
Roberto Clemente!

Overall, not at all bad. I’ll probably buy more of these when I feel the need to rip something different… And maybe now with UltraPro coming out with mini-sized sheets, I can store these as cards and actually do something with them instead of leaving them laying about in small stacks.


10 thoughts on “2014 Topps Adhesive Minis (a.k.a. “Stickers”)

  1. I must admit, those are actually some pretty good photoshop jobs. I may have to pick up a pack of these during my next Target run.

    • I was fairly impressed as well. There was some attention paid to details… They could’ve easily used a bearded Ellsbury photo – I wonder what they did for Brian McCann? – and they got the Mr. Met sleeve patch on Colon.

  2. I have been thinking about picking up some of these. I haven’t bought any stick… I mean adhesive minis since the 80’s and have a few in my Yankees PC.

    Nice to see they made a Clemente for my Clemente to chase for my Clemente PC as well.


    • Wish I could tell you, but I don’t have an album or a checklist. I was about to say that maybe a last minute change meant that he didn’t bump any Mets, but then I remembered that there’s an album involved, you can only play games so much.

  3. Christopher Eccleston seems very under-appreciated by Doctor Who fandom – I would have loved another series with him.

    I have not seen the “adhesive minis” yet, but I haven’t been looking. I remember having fun collecting baseball & non-sports stickers and putting them in the albums when I was a kid, but I fell out of the habit as I got to be a slightly older kid and haven’t felt the urge to rediscover it now.

    • Sadly, I think a lot of Doctor Who fandom – the new generation, anyway – doesn’t care for #9 because he’s not “cute” and there’s no sexual tension with his companions. It’ll be interesting to see how everybody takes to Peter Capaldi.

      I’m just old enough to have not grown up with sticker albums, so pasting stickers in a book doesn’t seem “natural” to me… but I do have a certain fondness for these useless little cards. :-)

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