Heritage? Pffft! We’re Just Now Getting Donruss

I know everybody else has already put in their two cents on Donruss, but I paid my $6 for two packs, I’m going to get a post out of it.

Last  night I went to two local Target stores looking for Heritage.  One had bupkes.  The other had about 10 packs of 2014 Donruss.

This was the first I’d seen of Donruss in any way, shape or form. Everybody else seemed to have gotten some and moved on; meanwhile I hadn’t seen a damn one.  Honestly, I was starting to wonder if I missed the part where Donruss was “Hobby Only”.

Anyway, I’ll start with the inserts, since you’re less likely to have seen those…

My packs were at least made worthwhile by my getting a Met insert…
2014 Donruss Breakout Pitchers Dillon Gee
The design isn’t bad, but the photo suffers from acute unlicenseditis.

This “Hall Worthy” card of Randy Johnson is pretty ugly…
2014 Donruss Hall Worthy Randy Johnson
…but to be fair, I find the HOF plaques to be ugly as well, and this is a decent approximation of those. I’d like to think that The Big Unit’s actual plaque will look better than this.

It also makes me wonder if there’s no copyright on the design of the HOF plaques, because this is pretty much the same design.

In terms of visual appeal and photo selection, the best card I got was – believe it or not – Pete Rose.
2014 Donruss Pete Rose

This Pierzynski card illustrates one of the advantages of being unlicensed:
2014 Donruss AJ Pierzynski
He’s with Boston now? Eh, just change the city on the bottom. It’s not like the uniform looks like anybody’s anyway.

I also got a card of emerging Oriole star Manny Machado.
2014 Donruss Manny Machado

If I had the opportunity to tweak this design, I’d make the Donruss logo smaller, the borders thinner, and make the city name larger and above the line (leaving more room for the player name and position). Also, if you’re going to do little baseballs against a colored background, for crying out loud use white baseballs on a dark blue background.  (And I just realized that I failed to scan an example of this, naturally).

I appreciate the Donrussity of the backs, and I am greatly appreciative of the fact that it says “2014 Panini – Donruss Baseball” on the base cards and inserts.

My main complaint is this: If you’re going to update a vintage Donruss design, why would you go with 1987?  There are better ones that could be done, like 1984:
1984 Donruss Rusty Staub

…Or 1989, as I did with this custom from two years ago…
1989 Donruss #2 - Mike Trout

…or 1993…
1993 Donruss Joe Oliver

…or even 1981. Back when this blog was relatively new and I had about 2 readers a week, I tried to tweak the 1981 Donruss design to make it somewhat more appealing…
1981 Donruss Elliott Maddox - before and after

Anyway, I don’t really see myself buying more of these. I’ll give this one a rating of “Unimpressed NL ERA Leaders”
1972 Topps 1971 NL ERA Leaders

Meanwhile the question for me is this: Will I get my first pack of Heritage from a retail store, or from the card show I’ll be attending in April?


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