This Is Becoming Ludicrous

Tuesday I showed some restraint.

Tuesday had been the first day since the official release date of 2014 Topps Heritage that I didn’t look in at least one store for packs of Heritage.  Admittedly, part of it was just from working late and having other issues, but why doesn’t really matter.

After work yesterday, I had some time so I decided to stop by the Target near where I work.  Surely my modicum of patience would pay off with a Heritage blaster, or rack pack, or at least a solitary wax pack.

When I got to Target, they did have some new packs.

They had packs of 2014 Topps Opening Day.

And I said:









2014 Donruss appears three weeks after its release date.

2014 Heritage is five days late and counting.

But Opening Day we get right on the release date.  That’s just fan-freakin’-tastic.

And where are the Heritage cards that we were supposed to get?

Did a highly-organized band of renegade pack-feelers hijack the shipment?

Did the Burgermeister Meisterburger declare them to be illegal, immoral and unlawful?

Did they go on a three hour tour on the USS Minnow?

Have they ended up in the same place as my 1975 Fleer Pioneers Of Baseball set?

Pointless conjecture aside, I did buy two packs of Opening Day… just in case you thought this post was nothing but me kvetching.

Fire! The first card is from the “Fired Up” insert set and shows Jered Weaver shouting for one of his @#$%ing teammates to extinguish his @#$%ing head.
2014 Topps Opening Day Fired Up Jered Weaver

Mascot!  I would’ve preferred Mr. Met or the Oriole Bird, but I’ll take any and all mascot cards.
2014 Topps Opening Day Fredbird

Photoshop!  This is the second digitally-altered Ellsbury I’ve gotten recently – you may remember that I also got an Adhesive Mini (aka “Sticker”).
2014 Topps Opening Day Jacoby Ellsbury

Machado!  This card doesn’t seem to be different from the Series One card in any significant way, but I like Manny, so he’s here.
2014 Topps Opening Day Manny Machado

Completely different photo! You don’t get this very often, but Tyler Skaggs got a different photo and a photoshopping.
2014 Topps Opening Day Tyler Skaggs

Here’s the Series One Skaggs, courtesy of the fine people at… I guess that no amount of photoshopping was going to turn the black D-backs jersey into a convincing Angels jersey.

2014 Topps #63 - Tyler Skaggs - Courtesy of

2014 Topps #63 – Tyler Skaggs – Courtesy of

Shiny Blue Cub!  This is the other insert I got.  It’s shiny!  It’s blue!  It’s numbered to 2014!

2014 Topps Opening Day Blue Junior Lake

…And the rest of the two packs were… well, they were Opening Day cards.  Move along, folks, nothing to see here…

And the next time I open a pack of 2014 Opening Day will probably be from a repack in 2015.

3 thoughts on “This Is Becoming Ludicrous

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  2. Our Target stores are also behind on stocking Heritage, but my wife dragged me into a Shopko a few days ago, and they had Heritage. I have been back several times since to pick up a rack pack or two (or three). If you have a Shopko in your area, you might try them.

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