Looking For Suggestions For My “Current Roster” Binders…

I’ve seen many of you write about creative ways you organize your binders. I’m hoping someone can give me some ideas.

I have a set of binders where I keep recent cards organized by the current rosters of each of the 30 MLB teams. I’ve done this for years because it’s fun and it helps me remember who’s on which team. As an example of how I work with these, the other day the Angels traded Andrew Romine to the Tigers for Jose Alvarez, and their baseball cards made an equivalent move between my AL Central and AL West binders.

Each team gets enough pages to hold the 40-man roster.  Each row on a page has the most-recent three cards I have of a particular player on that team.

Ever since I started these binders, the first page of a given team has been set up like this (WordPress insists on rotating my image 90 degrees – it should be upright):
NL East Binder - Nats Page 1 - 3-22-14
The first row has a team card plus one or two cards of the manager… in this case, I’ve got a 2002 Matt Williams and a 2010 Team Highlights card.

Manager cards have become scarce lately, but what’s really become problematic are the team cards.  I don’t think the Topps flagship has had them since 2007.  Heritage has them for certain teams, but others get neglected on a regular basis. 

There are a number of teams in my binders which have had the same team card for 7 years, and I’m tired of looking at them – but I’m not sure what else to do.

Many of you have binders set up in ways I never thought of… Does anybody have any suggestions about how I should set up the first page of each team?  I would like to keep managers involved somehow, because for my purposes the manager is part of the roster.

I’ve thought about alternatives to team cards, like “Opening Day” Mascots, but that wouldn’t cover every team… For instance, there’s no Yankees mascot.

I could make up my own team cards, but I don’t have a color printer. Homemade team cards would either be greyscale or hand-drawn… the latter is an option, because I have a modest amount of artistic ability.

I’d love to hear anybody’s suggestions. If you’ve written about something like this before, please leave a link in the comments, I’d love to see it!


7 thoughts on “Looking For Suggestions For My “Current Roster” Binders…

  1. When I kept MLB roster binders, I started each team with a Fleer logo sticker. Now, I’d resort to a mix of team mascots & logo stickers. (Of course, I was only keeping one card per player – my favorite current year/most recent one.)

    • I used to keep one card per player, before I moved my “team stacks” in my dresser drawer into binders, and between the space in the binders and not having to pick just one card per player, I went with three.

      I’ll probably end up with stickers and mascots, at least for the short term, but maybe I’ll find inspiration elsewhere…

  2. Yeah, the three cards per player throws me. I used to do this as well (with one card per player). Current year Heritage would serve as my preferred card, current year non-Heritage second choice. In the end, any card would do. My problem always was that life would overwhelm me and, come August, the binders no longer resembled the teams. No team cards in Heritage this year; I suspect those are gone. Manager cards likely aren’t too far behind (a certain segment of the hobby demands more players…there’s no money to be made in manager and team cards). I’d just forgo the identifiers, myself, or you could resort to homemade logo cards. If you need to fill out the row, you could always include coaches (perhaps on a rotating basis). Topps hasn’t made coach cards in many, many years, but cards from their playing days could be interesting.

    • It wasn’t until after I’d written this post that I realized that last year’s Heritage didn’t have team cards either. I guess I’m more or less OK with that, except for binder purposes.

      I must be one of the few people who enjoys having manager cards, especially when the managers are guys I remember as players.

      A couple of years ago I fell tremendously behind in my binders and it took a long time to get things back up to speed. I probably should’ve let it go then, but I really do enjoy it, and it’s not too much work if I keep up on it.

      One concession I’ve made over the years: I used to maintain a DL and keep a couple of “minor league” pages for each team when players got sent down and called up. I only do that for the Mets and Orioles now, everybody else is 40-man or gone.

  3. When I make a set for a team, I always put a star player in the center slot of a 9-pocket sheet. And cards that are featuring team photos (i.e., 1975 Topps) and team leaders (*i.e., 1984 Topps) go onto a sheet all to themselves. I cannot stand having a sheet with some cards with a vertical photo, and the rest horizontal. A little quirk of mine.

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