You Know What I Haven’t Done In A While?

Show off some of my newer vintage acquisitions, that’s what.

At the last show I went to, there was a dealer selling relatively cheap, well-loved cards. One of those was this 1970 Hank Aaron:
1970 Topps Hank Aaron
Hank seems somewhat startled to be in my collection. “That guy added me to his 1970 binder? On his budget???”

Another star I got from that dealer was this lovely 1971 Willie Stargell, which isn’t as obviously creased as the Aaron, but has still seen it’s share of action.
1971 Topps Willie Stargell

Here’s a card I picked up as part of my recent obsession with high #’ed 1969 cards from expansion teams.  I just love seeing guys in their newly-minted unis.
1969 Topps Ron Brand
Ron Brand was listed as 5’8″ and 170 lbs, which seems pretty small for a catcher.  He was selected from the Astros in the expansion draft and was supposed to be the backup until John Bateman – who Brand had backed up in Houston the year before – got hurt.  Brand played over 80 games behind the plate, but was relegated to backup after the 1969 season.

If you’re like me, you’re sitting there wondering “Well, if both of the Expos catchers were with the Astros in 1968, then who the heck did the Astros have in 1969?”  Well, a few days before the draft, the Astros traded Dave Giusti and another player to St. Louis for Johnny Edwards, who would be their new starting catcher (Quick side note:  Giusti would get drafted by the Padres, and then traded back to the Cards in December).  The Astros’ 1969 backup catcher would be Don Bryant, who was taken from the Giants in the December, 1968 Rule V draft.

Finally, here’s a young Joe Torre reminding us what NEXT YEAR’S Heritage will look like…
1966 Topps Joe Torre
…Because it’s never too early to think about next year’s Heritage.

COMC Spring Cleaning Promotion

Just in case you weren’t aware, there’s a Spring Cleaning promotion going on at COMC, and I’m participating. Every card in my inventory is marked down. Check it out!


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