2014 TSR: A Post In Search Of A Theme

When I was planning this year’s custom TSR set, one of the things I wanted to do was to have a weekly (at least) post which would feature customs of several players who had recently caught my attention, whether for some accomplishment, something they did or said, or even if I found out they had a great story.

The problem I’m running in to is that a concept like that doesn’t work that well this late in Spring Training, because most of the guys making news are getting attention because they’re getting Tommy John or designated for assignment.

I have to admit, there may be some good stories of guys likely to stick to rosters, but my attention has been very diffused over recent weeks… between the Mets and the Orioles and MLB in general,  plus I’m the commissioner of a Fantasy Baseball league and I’ve been looking for Heritage and organizing my collection and…

…and blah blah blah blah.  You don’t care.

So, for lack of a better idea, I’ll feature the guys slated to be the starting pitchers for the Mets and O’s on opening day, and then I’ll wander off into… whatever.

Dillon Gee will go up against Steven Strasburg and the Nationals on Monday at CitiField.
2014 TSR #18 Dillon Gee
Just for the heck of it, I’ll make my Mets prediction right here, right now: 84-78, 3rd place in the NL East.

Chris Tillman will start against the Red Sox on Monday at Camden Yards. The Red Sox have not yet announced their starting pitcher.
2014 TSR #118 Chris Tillman
Tillman won 16 games last year and was the first Oriole starting pitcher to be named to an All-Star team since Mike Mussina. He’s also the O’s youngest Opening Day pitcher since Mussina.

The O’s originally got Tillman, Adam Jones, George Sherrill and Kam Mikolio from the Mariners from Erik Bedard. Think that trade worked out for Baltimore?

Let’s see, Orioles prediction… 94-68, 3rd place, 2nd Wild Card.

Danny Farquhar appeared in 46 games with the Mariners last year and got 16 saves. He originally got my attention because of his transaction history… Check this out: He was drafted by the Jays, traded to the A’s, traded back to the Jays, picked up on waivers by the A’s, picked up on waivers by the Yankees three weeks later, and then part of a package sent to the Mariners for Ichiro.
2014 TSR #27 Danny Farquhar
I made a custom of him because I didn’t think he had any major league cardboard, but I just found out he’s on a 2014 Topps card. Oh well….I don’t think I’ve featured a Mariner yet, so there’s always that.

I also haven’t featured the Mariners’ 1977 expansion parters, and I’ve liked Josh Thole since his time with the Mets, so here you go.
2014 TSR #196 Josh Thole
Looking at this custom now, I wish I’d replaced the blue background with an image of Skydome or something. With the solid background this card looks Upper Deck-y, sort of like “2014 O-Pee-Chee”.

As long as I’m making predictions for the Mets and Orioles, I may as well get all Nostrabotnik on you and make MLB predictions.

After analyzing and researching this for minute after minute, this is how I see the postseason shaking out:
NL Division winners: Nationals, Cardinals, Dodgers
NL Wild Cards: Braves, Reds

AL Division winners: Rays, Tigers, Athletics
AL Wild Cards: Red Sox, Orioles

World Series: Rays over Nats in 6.

At the end of October, you can come back to this post and be AMAZED!
…at how completely wrong I am.

Does anybody else want to go out on a limb and make predictions?


3 thoughts on “2014 TSR: A Post In Search Of A Theme

    • That is a splendid idea! I already have a custom or two made of some non-roster guys who made their team… Maybe next week I’ll do a post of “spring surprises”.

      …and for any Monty Python fans out there, this will not involve stainless steel bolts which spring out and plunge straight through both cheeks.

  1. Ok, here are predictions from the least informed baseball fan in America.

    I dunno, let’s say Angels

    wild Cards….Orioles and Damn Yankees


    wild cards….Nats and Pirates

    World Series… Orioles over Dodgers in FOUR. LOL

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