The (Brief) Return Of Baseball To Montreal

Tonight and tomorrow afternoon, the Blue Jays and Mets will play a 2-game exhibition series at Olympic Stadium in Montreal — the first MLB appearance in Montreal since the Expos left town after the 2004 season.

In honor of this occasion, I decided to share several Expos cards from my collection, most of which are new acquisitions (I’ll point out the one card that has been in my collection for just a few years)…

Ron Hunt played the better part of four seasons with the Expos, and all four years he lead the league in HBP… in 1971 he set the modern MLB record by being hit 50 times.
1972 Topps Ron Hunt
Ron Hunt was also the first Met to start an All-Star game.

Ken Singleton played for 3 years with the Expos, and in 1973 he lead the league with a .425 OBP.
1974 Topps Ken Singleton
This card is anything but a recent acquisition. I most likely got it out of a pack in 1974. Like Ron Hunt, Ken Singleton also started his career with the Mets.

Ellis Valentine played parts of 7 seasons in Montreal, was an All-Star and won a Gold Glove.
1979 Hostess Ellis Valentine

During Gary Carter’s time in Montreal, he was an All-Star seven times, he won three Gold Gloves, three Silver Sluggers, was second to John Montefusco in the 1975 Rookie of the Year voting, and in 1984 (his last year with the Expos) he lead the league in RBI with 106.
1979 Topps Gary Carter
A lot of Expos are being honored this weekend, but Gary Carter is THE Expo being honored.

While with the Expos, Andrew Dawson was Rookie of the Year, won three Silver Sluggers and six Gold Gloves and was an All-Star three times.
1980 Topps Andre Dawson
I have to admit, because of that one commercial I can’t see Andre Dawson without picturing him being pulled out of the Wrigley Field ivy and asking “What year is it?”

I’m not looking to pick on Vladimir Guerrero, but he lead the league in some odd categories while in Montreal… Caught Stealing, GIDP, Intentional Base on Balls…
2001 MLB Showdown Vladimir Guerrero
…and he lead in hits with 206 in 2002.

I don’t expect overnight results from this weekend’s series, but I hope there’s enough enthusiasm in Montreal to make people say “Hmmm”.


4 thoughts on “The (Brief) Return Of Baseball To Montreal

  1. Despite moving on to the Mets, Gary Carter is Mr. Expos. He was a true gentleman, and according to one of his 1980s baseball cards, he enjoyed “collecting baseball picture cards.” He is missed.

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