2014 TSR – And Then The Season Started

Appy polly loggies, my droogies.  It’s been a crazy two weeks for me, so much so that the post of custom cards I’d intended for Wednesday didn’t get finished until now… and even so, I ended up violating one of the “theme rules” I’d set up for these posts, but more on that later.

Last week, I had a suggestion/request from shanediaz82 of Shoebox Legends fame. Shane thought it would be most excellent to commemorate Grady Sizemore’s return to the Majors with a custom.  It sounded like a splendid idea, and I’ve never been one to shy away from requests, so…
2014 TSR #136 Grady Sizemore
Welcome back, Grady!  I wish he’d signed with the Mets, but I’m still happy to see him come back from a couple of lost seasons.

Last night, Miguel Cabrera got his 2,000th hit, and I briefly thought of giving him a custom, but I wasn’t feeling it and figured that there’ll be plenty of other opportunities to give Cabrera his due… So let’s get into some other landmarks and notable performances of the week.

The other day Evan Longoria tied Carlos Peña for the most homers in Tampa Bay history.
2014 TSR #150 Evan Longoria
Evan’s next homer, his 164th, will give him sole possession of that prestigious honor. He also needs just 44 RBI to take the Rays career lead in that category; Carl Crawford is the current Rays RBI king with 592.

The next time the Twins win a game – And that could be today, it could be next week, no offense, Twins fans – it will be Ron Gardenhire’s 1,000th win as a manager.
2014 TSR MC-2 Ron Gardenhire
I liked Gardy from his days as a Mets player, so I’m happy to see him reach that milestone.

Over in Texas, Tanner Scheppers became the first pitcher since 1981 and the second since 1945 to make his first Major League start on Opening Day.
2014 TSR #133 Tanner Scheppers
Scheppers had made 115 relief appearances prior to this year, but had never started. It did not go well for Mr. Scheppers, giving up 8 hits and 7 earned runs in a 4 inning no-decision.

In case you were wondering about the 1981 Opening Day first start, it was Fernando Valenzuela shutting out the Astros – the first step towards winning the Cy Young and the Rookie of the Year awards, and bringing Fernandomania to the world.

Stop The presses!

Just as I was about to hit the “Publish” button, I found out about another custom-worthy accomplishment…

Last night, Charlie Blackmon of the Rockies went 6-for-6, including 3 doubles and a 2-run homer. He scored 4 runs and had 5 RBI.
2014 TSR #24 Charlie Blackmon
Congratulations, Charlie!

During the winter, I decided that my custom posts were going to be more or less what you see here, plus also feature a Met and Oriole of the week. I didn’t quite get around to doing those cards, so maybe I’ll do a separate post or double-up next week.


4 thoughts on “2014 TSR – And Then The Season Started

    • Thanks, Shane! I appreciate the compliment!

      …and after saying “Oh, THAT Shane” I’ve updated the post to link to your blog. Sorry about that, I don’t always make the right connections between user ID’s and blogs… I’m just old and confused. :-)

  1. The thing I love about these is that not only is the design fantastic, but the photo choices and cropping are excellent. First rate stuff. If you ever go from virtual to actual, please let me know. They may not “exist” but I want them!

    • I wouldn’t hold my breath about going from virtual to actual, but I’m glad that you enjoy these. The objective is always to make cards that I would like to have, and it’s nice to know that the appeal goes beyond myself.

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