Pack Animal! – 1988 Topps Leaders

I recently got a free pack of 1988 Topps Leader minis… I’ve never owned a single card from this set, and I figured I can’t be the only one, so I figured I’d share the whole pack.
1988 Topps Leaders Minis wrapper

Here’s the highlight of the pack for this Mets fan:
1988 Topps Leaders Minis Roger McDowell

The back of the card, for those who love those backsides…
1988 Topps Leaders Minis McDowell back

Tony Gwynn… I don’t have the actual cards near me as I’m writing this, so don’t ask me what particular league-leading thing is being commemorated with each card.
1988 Topps Leaders Minis Tony Gwynn

By the way, these cards are glossy on the front… one might even say “Super Glossy”…  and are overall a little nicer than I’d expected.
1988 Topps Leaders Minis Carlton Fisk

…which is not to say that I’m going to run out and get more of these. As they say, the price was right.
1988 Topps Leaders Minis Dave Parker

A checklist! How quaint.
1988 Topps Leaders Minis Checklist

Hey, it’s the dude from ESPN!
1988 Topps Leaders Minis John Kruk
…not to mention the guy who famously said “I ain’t an athlete, lady, I’m a baseball player.”

I don’t know if this is why Mike Dunne is in this set – the actual cards are elsewhere, as I mentioned – but he lead the NL with a .684 (13-6) winning percentage in 1987.
1988 Topps Leaders Minis Mike Dunne
He finished 2nd to Benito Santiago in Rookie Of The Year voting, but never had that kind of success again.

I’ll be honest with you… Part of the reason for this post is because last week I had a post with an embedded video;  something about it doesn’t play nice with blogrolls, and I’m trying to add posts to get the video far enough into  my past that it won’t piss me off anymore.  That’ll teach me to share videos…


One thought on “Pack Animal! – 1988 Topps Leaders

  1. I have a box of this stuff laying around in my office that I use to stuff packages from time to time. Mike Dunne was featured in this set because he finished second in ERA during the 1987 season.

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