1976 SSPC #165 – Buck Martinez (Royals)

1976 SSPC #165 Buck Martinez

Buck Martinez… Was a defensively-oriented catcher who played 17 seasons in the Majors and also managed the Blue Jays for a season and a half, but he’s better known by many as a TV analyst.

In 1976, Buck Martinez… was the Royals’ starting catcher and batted .228 and 5 homers and 34 RBI.  In October he made his only postseason appearance, starting in all five games, batting .333 with 4 RBI.  The Yankees beat the Royals 3 games to 2.

Shea-o-meter: It’s Shea.
Shea:  39
Pretty sure it’s Shea:  7
Can’t tell:  7
Not Shea:  5

Betcha didn’t know… on 8/29/79, Buck pitched an inning of relief in a game that would end as an 18-8 loss to the Brewers.  Buck allowed a walk, a double and a run in the 9th inning of that game.

1976 SSPC #165 Buck Martinez back


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