2014 TSR – Four New Base Cards, Plus Two Inserts!

Ten games into the season, there’s a Yankee who’s batting .387, has 6 doubles and 7 RBI, and yet I’m happy about it.

2014 TSR #177 Yangervis Solarte

Yangervis Solarte has the kind of story I’m just a sucker for.  He had been a non-roster invitee, a minor league free agent with 8 years of experience, and he turned a hot spring into a utility role on the Yankees.  After an injury to Mark Teixiera moved Kelly Johnson over to first, Solarte took over playing third base and has been raising eyebrows over the past two weeks.

He’s the first Yankee since Joe DiMaggio to get multiple hits in each of his first three Major League starts

Oh, and he’s also the nephew of Ronny Cedeño.

Met custom of the week

I believe that “apprehensive” would be the proper word to describe how I felt when I heard that the Mets had signed Jose Valverde… but I have to admit, he hasn’t been bad so far.

…emphasis on “so far”.

2014 TSR #140 Jose Valverde

Oriole Custom of the week

I was considerably more excited about the Orioles obtaining Steve Lombardozzi towards the end of Spring Training.
2014 TSR #161 Steve Lombardozzi
I’ve liked Lombardozzi for a while now, but I’m not entirely sure why… Is it because of his former Major Leaguer father, also named Steve? The last name that arches down around his uniform number? A certain ‘je ne sais quoi’?

I don’t know, I just go with it.

Dude Needs a card!

I don’t know what bothers me more… the fact that Tony Watson’s only nationally-distributed card seems to be a 2011 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects card, or the fact that I wasn’t aware of him until recently.

2014 TSR #38 Tony Watson

I’ll start with the headline about Tony Watson:  Up until the other day, he had a 24-inning scoreless streak that dated back to last season.  Last year, he made 67 appearances for the Pirates;  in 2012, he made 68.  Even in 2011, when he got called up during the season, he had 43 appearances.  The guy’s got over 180 Major League appearances and doesn’t have a proper rookie card?  C’mon, Topps!  Dude needs a card!!!!


And finally, in preparation for next week’s virtual release of virtual Series 2 wax packs in virtual retail big box stores like VirtuWal-Mart, here are a couple of sneak peeks of “Throwback” inserts.

2014 TSR TB-74A Aaron Harang

The Braves wore 1974 throwbacks as part of the Hank Aaron 715 commemoration the other day, so it seemed only right to make make 1974 customs.
2014 TSR TB-74B Andrelton Simmons

Hey, Topps Archive product managers… are you taking notes???

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