The Road To Hell: Cards From 1975 Topps Football

I’ve always got the intention to follow-up on posts that I say I’m going to follow up on, but you know what they say about good intentions. Last September I was sharing some of my 1975 Topps Football set, and I keep meaning to share more, but unfortunately when it comes to this blog, I’ve often got the attention span of a 3 year old.

Anyway, this is all a long-winded way of saying “Here are more cards from 1975 Topps Football”.

Don’t you go screwing with Alan Page, cause if you do, he’s gonna mess you up.
1975 Topps Football Alan Page

…and if he doesn’t mess you up, his friend Otis will take great pleasure in messing you up.
1975 Topps Football All-Pro DTs

This was not a card I had as a kid, but if it were then it would’ve been one of my favorites… cool action shots like this pretty durn rare in 1975.
1975 Topps Football Doug Kotar
Assuming that this is a photo from 1974 – which could be a pretty safe assumption because it’s the only year in the several years before this that the Giants had a quarterback who wore #12 – and if that #77 in the background is a Dallas Cowboy and not a Detroit Lion, then this looks like an October 27th loss to the Cowboys at the Yale Bowl in New Haven, CT (where the Giants played their home games that year).  The quarterback appears to be backup Jim Del Gaizo, who came in late in the game.

I’ve never tried this type of thing for football before and I couldn’t find a #77 on the Cowboys or the Lions (not on, anyway) so please feel free to poke holes in my research. It could’ve been a preseason game, in which case all of my conjecture is probably crap.

My apologies to Billy Parks, but this card always made us laugh when we were kids.
1975 Topps Football Billy Parks
We thought it hilarious that he looked like Harpo Marx. …Well, he does, kinda. Stick a beat-up top hat on him, give him a horn…

When I was a kid, George Blanda was some unspeakably old guy on my football cards.
1975 Topps Football George Blanda
George Blanda was 48 when this card came out.

I just turned 48 a few months ago.


Although it does depress me that “1975 me” would consider “2014 me” to be really old, there’s another way of looking at this.

I’m 48 and I suffer after spending a weekend doing yardwork.

George Blanda at 48 was playing in the NFL.


So, George… I hope I wasn’t out of line with that “unspeakably old” crack…


8 thoughts on “The Road To Hell: Cards From 1975 Topps Football

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  2. Blanda was the man when you put it that way.

    I need to get that Alan Page. I was a fan of Alan Page for life and it’s all because I saw that card, probably one of the first — if not the first — football card I ever saw.

  3. Alan Page was crazy good in his day. There’s a clip out there somewhere of him over-running Gale Sayers in the Chicago backfield and then running him down ten yards downfield. That doesn’t as amazing when I type it as it is when you see it.

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