2014 TSR: Here A Brandon, There A Brandon…

…everywhere a Brandon Brandon…

I was reading some game summaries the other day, and the description of the Giants-Dodgers game played this past Tuesday night impressed me with the overwhelming Brandon-osity of the game.

With the Dodgers leading 2-1 in the 9th, Brandon Belt…
2014 TSR #186 Brandon Belt
…doubled home Angel Pagan to tie the game up at 2.

In the 12th inning, Brandon Crawford…
2014 TSR #187 Brandon Crawford

…Singled against Brandon League…
2014 TSR #188 Brandon League

…Crawford advanced to second on a ground out by Brandon Hicks…
2014 TSR #189 Brandon Hicks

…And then Crawford moved to third on a wild pitch and scored on a single by Hector Sanchez… whose name is not Brandon, although they might want to call him Brandon to keep it clear.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some Mets and Orioles customs, and maybe something else thrown in….


2 thoughts on “2014 TSR: Here A Brandon, There A Brandon…

  1. I love this design, old school without being a copy of something that’s been done before. If Topps used this for a set I’d chase it and I am not a set collector.

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