2014 TSR: Oriole, Met and Ex-Met Customs Of The Week

I normally wouldn’t do two consecutive posts featuring customs, but I wanted to feature some Mets and Orioles, yesterday’s post had a “Brandon” theme and neither team currently has a Brandon.

Jenrry Mejia gets the Mets custom of the week for pitching a nice game against the D-Backs: 5 innings, 2 hits and no earned runs to get the win.
2014 TSR #212 Jenrry Mejia

Jonathan Schoop has had a pretty good week, batting .385 with three doubles and two RBI. His YTD stats haven’t been too shabby for a rookie, batting .280 with 6 doubles and 8 RBI.
2014 TSR #204 Jonathan Schoop

If you were with me through customs of the previous two years, you may notice that there isn’t a “Notable Newbie” designation on Schoop’s card, nor on any rookie card. I could say it’s because I didn’t find any good way to work it into this year’s design, but the truth of it is that I felt like “Notable Newbies” had run it’s course… and I doubt anybody noticed anyway.

To wrap things up, I’d like to add a little tribute to Ike Davis. Ike, the former 1st round draft choice, got traded to the Pirates on Friday.
2014 TSR #231 Ike Davis
I like Ike, I feel bad that he’s had his struggles and that he got dragged through a bit of mud by the ever-present “Anonymous Source” within the Mets organization. I was hoping that he’d end up with the Bucs and I hope the change of scenery does him a world of good.

…Now if we can just figure out a way to get rid of that “Anonymous Source”…


2 thoughts on “2014 TSR: Oriole, Met and Ex-Met Customs Of The Week

    • Because I wanted the little colored rectangles to be separate from the black border and black bottom of the card, sticking to Pirate colors meant yellow and something else. I think red was the first color I tried, and it worked so well that I just moved on.

      This has got me wondering if I’d featured a Pirate card before this, and whether there are any other teams I’ve neglected. I may have my theme for the next custom post.

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