Topps Takeover, Pt. 1: The First Things I’m Gonna Change

Thanks to this very nice Nigerian Prince I’ve been helping out, I have a sizeable sum of money coming my way, and I’ve already begun negotiations to buy Topps.

(NOTE:  Just to make it absolutely clear – this is a plot device and a joke, I’m not really coming into money, nor have I fallen for any Nigerian Prince scams.)

In preparation for my takeover, I’ve been doing some brainstorming regarding how I will make changes to the standard Topps set. If you’ve got any suggestions, I’m all ears.

Now, I’m getting a huge chunk of money from this Nigerian Prince, but it isn’t unlimited, so my changes are not going to be “pie in the sky” idealistic crap… No 2000-card base sets where every card has an on-card autograph and 15-card packs sells for $1.  No “charity work” here, I want to keep it realistic.

Now the first rule I’m laying down is that the set will be something of a “living document” of the current season, there won’t be any cards dedicated to the previous season’s events. Think about it; newspapers are suffering partly because it’s telling you about what happened yesterday, and you knew a lot of it yesterday… So why would you want a 2014 set which reflects things which happened in 2013?  That is so 20th century.  More to the point, why would you have cards in Series 1 which have the prior year’s league leaders and World Series, but then the update set has the current year’s all-stars and Home Run Derby participants. It’s crap, and I’m shaking things up.

There will be four series, issued quarterly. Series 1 comes out in February, Series 2 in May, Series 3 in August and Series 4 in November. Series 4 will take the place of the Update set, and will include things like league leaders, season highlights and World Series cards.

Let’s see… what else?

No short prints.

No foil.

I don’t care for parallels, but I know a lot of you like them and they drive pack sales, but we’ll keep a limit on the number of different types of parallel sets. No strawberry-banana-swirl or tellurium parallels.

Oh, as part of the “living document of the current season” idea — If there’s a player who is a free agent over the offseason, or even rumored to be traded, they’ll be left out of the Series 1 checklist.

That pretty much covers the basics… Tomorrow and during much of this week, I’m going to get into the specifics.

Anybody have any suggestions up front?


5 thoughts on “Topps Takeover, Pt. 1: The First Things I’m Gonna Change

  1. I’m related to a Nigerian Prince and am also expecting a funds transfer any minute, what a small world! So far I like all of your suggestions quite a bit!

  2. I gotta find me a Nigerian Princess. You buy Topps… I’ll buy Upper Deck. The competition will help spice things up and motivate each of us to produce quality cards for collectors.

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