Topps Takeover, Pt. 4: Fake Clouds Are SOOOO Upper Deck

Before I get into today’s thoughts on how I would improve Topps products if I took over — OH! Ehrrrrr…  I mean how I will improve Topps products when I take over!  Anyway, before I get back to that I’d like to say that I appreciate all the great comments that have been posted over the past few days, and I do want to respond to a number of them in depth…  But unfortunately that’s not going to happen today.  It’s been a busy week for me, so until (hopefully) tomorrow, you’ll have to make do with this post that I wrote at the beginning of the week and scheduled to run today.

So, where was I?  Oh, right, fake clouds…

Fake clouds are more of an issue with Heritage than the flagship Topps set, but once I take over as owner, CEO and Grand Poobah of Topps, one issue I intend to address is cards like this:

2014 Topps Heritage Adam LaRoche
Come on, guys. That fake “partly cloudy sky” background is cheesy, unnecessary and smacks of UD Vintage. Topps is better than that.

Here’s what I’m going to implement:

Someone at each MLB ballpark will get down on the field before or after a day game and take pictures from a number of different angles as if one were photographing a player… except there won’t be anybody in the foreground.


Any time there’s a photo where we want to, for whatever reason, replace the background, we could replace it with one of those stock background images, like I did with this custom card:
2014 TSR #115 Elvis Andrus

The image from this card is actually two combined images. Elvis Andrus was in front of a solid colored background, which I replaced with a Spring Training photo which had originally featured someone else, but also included a lot of background.  Ideally I would’ve used an image of The Ballpark At Arlington, but I didn’t have any images of that readily available.

I think this is a whole lot better looking than fake clouds or a “Wal-Mart Portrait Studio” backdrop… but maybe that’s just me.  How do you feel about fake backgrounds or fabric backdrops?

4 thoughts on “Topps Takeover, Pt. 4: Fake Clouds Are SOOOO Upper Deck

  1. I like it. It also opens the door to fun variations of “Elvis Andrus standing in front of different things,” such as, I dunno, the local Arby’s or something.

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