2014 TSR – Sorry, Texas Rangers Fans…

The other day I caught a little bit of the Orioles game on TV, and got to watch the O’s get shut out over eight innings by a rookie pitcher with some nice movement on his fastball.
2014 TSR #264 Yordano Ventura
So impressed was I that I decided to pick him up for both of my fantasy teams… and found him already taken in both leagues. Shazbot!

So I instead picked up a young pitcher who has two consecutive shutouts, a 4-0 record, a 1.42 ERA and a 0.921 WHIP.
2014 TSR #259 Martin Perez
Because I picked Pérez up for both teams, that means his next start on Tuesday will probably see the A’s getting 8 runs and 14 hits off of him.

Sorry, Texas faithful. Nothing personal, I assure you.

Nelson Cruz has had a pretty good week for the Orioles… four homers and a double, 12 RBI and a .321 average… so I decided to make him the subject of this week’s Oriole custom.
2014 TSR #237 Nelson Cruz

For the Met of the week, I was going to feature Bartolo Colon and make a comment that he’s been better than I expected… but I did that with Jose Valverde and then paid the price.  I also realized I’d yet to feature a Mets position player, so I’ll go with Travis d’Arnaud, who has also had a pretty nice week (.353 average with 2 doubles and a stolen base).
2014 TSR #242 Travis d'Arnaud


By the way, I’m going to be self-serving and point out that COMC is having a promotion this week, and I’m taking part. All of my 800+ cards are on sale!
Check it out here!

1 thought on “2014 TSR – Sorry, Texas Rangers Fans…

  1. I’ve yet to see a bad card in your custom set. I especially love the cropping on d’Arnaud. I’m starting to enjoy coming here to see these more than opening my own packs of Gypsy Queen.

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