Something I Learned About The Indians While Organizing My 1989 Topps…

I’ve been organizing some of my 1980’s binders by team, and in the process I noticed something interesting about several players that 1989 Topps shows with the Cleveland Indians…

The 1988 Cleveland Indians had a 78-84 record and finished 6th in the AL East, but several players on that team would eventually have a more significant impact on the Major Leagues.

John Farrell (14-10, 4.24) is currently the manager of the Red Sox.
1989 Topps John Farrell

Bud Black (acquired from the Royals on 6/3/1988) is currently the manager of the Padres.
1989 Topps Bud Black

Terry Francona (who batted .311 as a DH & utility guy) is currently the manager of the Indians.
1989 Topps Terry Francona

Straying over to 1989 Fleer, Ron Washington (backup shortstop) is currently the manager of the Rangers.
1989 Fleer Ron Washington
BTW, Topps didn’t make a Ron Washington card in 1989… at least, none that I could find.

“Wait a minute”, you ask, “If you’re talking about 1988, why are you showing us 1989 cards?”

Well, the primary reason is that I discovered this by organizing 1989 Topps, but 1988 cards wouldn’t illustrate my point as well because Francona was with the Reds on his 1988 cards.

This turned out to be a one-year convergence. By 1989, Ron Washington was in the Astros organization and Terry Francona was in Milwaukee.
1989 Topps Traded Terry Francona


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