Pack Animal! 2014 Bowman

After an arduous week at work, I ran a few errands on the way home.  At one point I ended up in a shopping center with a Target in it, so I felt obligated to go into Target… and once inside Target, I felt obligated to go into the card aisle.  I  saw that there were packs of 2014 Bowman there, so… Well, you get the idea.

In most years, the general process is this:
> I buy a pack of Bowman when it first comes out.
> I am not impressed.
> I add certain cards to my wantlist, pick them up at a show down the road, and ignore the rest of the set.

This is most certainly the case with this year’s Bowman… A pack full of ‘meh’.

Here’s a “veteran player” card.

I was at least fortunate enough to get this card for my Ryan Zimmerman collection.
2014 Bowman Ryan Zimmerman
The team logos are a lot clearer in the scans than they are in reality.

Here’s a prospect-y card.
2014 Bowman Prospects Kendry Flores

You know what struck me about the design of these cards? It’s a bit hard to pick up all of this from my scans, but the flowing lines of the designs have a sort of “faux-bacco” feel about them…  As if they took some rejected Gypsy Queen designs, added some chrome, et voila!!!! Instant Bowman.

You’ll also notice that there’s a new Bowman logo this year; the Bowman ‘B’ on a baseball.

Here’s a Chrome prospect:
2014 Bowman Chrome Prospects Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez

…and the backs of the first two cards. Nicely colorful, but nothing Earth-shattering.
2014 Bowman Ryan Zimmerman Back

2014 Bowman Prospects Kendry Flores back

They’re nice enough cards, but they’re Bowman so I can only muster so much excitement about them.

Does anybody collect Bowman to a greater extent than I do?  How do you feel about this year’s design?


3 thoughts on “Pack Animal! 2014 Bowman

  1. Bowman is usually too generic for my tastes. This year’s design looks to be going along with that trend.

  2. Man, I feel the same way you do. I keep waiting for another Bowman design to come along that makes me not want to ignore it. I guess I’ll wait another year. Maybe if they broadened their checklist a bit more and stopped making the set so damn confusing. Part of the checklist is chrome; part of it is Draft Picks and Prospect, et al. It’s all so confusing. Give me 500 cards, no chrome, and go as crazy as you want with your player selections.

    • Someone told me once that the reason for all the confusing inserts and such is because they can only feature the prospects in insert sets, not in the base set… It’s the legal loophole they use to include prospects in the set.

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