2014 TSR: An Inside-The-Park Homer And A Reader Request

During spring training I made a promise that I would make a custom card of anyone who makes the Yankees look bad.

Well, say hello to Mr. Wil Myers:
2014 TSR #245 Wil Myers
Wil Myers hit an inside-the-park home run against CC Sabathia and the Yankees a few days ago.  He hit a ball that narrowly missed being a conventional home run, but it got away from Jacoby Ellsbury and Myers was able to get completely around the bases without a throw.  During the series he went 6-for-16 with 7 RBI’s.  Good job, Mr. Myers!

Jim over at The Phillies Room had a request for a custom card… which became a request for two custom cards.  I’m always happy to fulfill requests… well, to try to fulfill requests, anyway. It’s always based on whether I can put my hands on some images.
2014 TSR #137 AJ Burnett
The Phillies haven’t had the most inspiring season so far, but Burnett has been one of the bright spots for the team.

Also requested by Jim was a custom of Roberto Hernandez, who has not had a Phillies cardboard appearance outside of the team-issued set…
2014 TSR #234 Roberto Hernandez
I gave some serious thought towards putting a little “O-Pee-chee text” on this card, saying something like “FORMERLY FAUSTO CARMONA”. I have a terrible time remembering that this Roberto Hernandez used to pitch under another name.  It’s kind of like the mental process of translating a language you’re not fluent in… To use an example from a famous episode of Fawlty Towers, some German tourist might tell you “Wir wollen ein Auto mieten” and I would sit there and parse it out word by word… “We… want…”. In the same way, my brain has to translate in this case. Who’s this guy again?  … He used to be… uhhhhh… Fausto Carmona… I think.

Hmmm… That’s several Phillies I’ve published so far, but I don’t think I’ve done one for the Brewers or Angels yet. Maybe next time. Maybe.


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